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First Call Board Member

Offer Valid: 05/03/2023 - 06/30/2023
Kansas City's expert in substance use prevention, education, and recovery services since 1958.
Why First Call?

First Call’s values of person-centered service, community, collaboration, and kindness are foundational for the agency’s focus on accessibility, commitment to data-driven practice, and diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) as we work toward our mission of reducing the impact of alcohol, drugs, and addiction by providing quality resources to individuals, families, and the community.


Commitment to Diversity:

First Call recognizes that systemic racism, discrimination, and stigma have impacted accessibility of harm reduction tools, prevention efforts, and treatment of substance use disorders for individuals, families, and communities we serve. First Call affirms its ongoing responsibility to build strategic initiatives and foster environments in which all people are respected, included, and afforded equitable outcomes.


Board of Directors Position Summary

Board of Directors members will support the work of First Call and provide mission focused leadership and strategic governance. While day-to-day operations are conducted by the President & CEO, the relationship between staff and the Board is a partnership, and appropriate involvement is expected.


Specific Board Member Responsibilities

Legal and Policy

  • Adopt, follow, and provide guidance for First Call by-laws and policies & procedures.

  • Actively participate in development of the First Call Strategic Plan

Fiduciary Responsibility

  • Assist First Call management of sound fiscal practices, with comprehensive knowledge of First Call financial statements, annual budget, and additional financial reports.


  • Understand and share publicly the work of First Call, with a focus on advocacy, stigma reduction, and recruitment of potential board members.


  • Provide regular support in evaluation of operations, outcomes, and President & CEO reviews.

Avoid Conflict of Interest

  • Meet expectations of disclosure of any possible conflicts of interest and follow conflict of interest standards and best practices.



  • Participate in monthly board meeting.

  • Participate in annual board retreat.

  • Participate in at least 1 First Call committee, including recruiting efforts and reporting.

  • Make an annual gift to First Call according to personal means, and assist in additional fund development.

  • Participate in development and fundraising events each year.

  • Attend at least one First Call staff meeting each year

Email CV and letter of interest to Emily Hage, President & CEO of First Call,


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