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Board Positions

Offer Valid: 02/06/2023 - 07/01/2023
Board openings
The Kansas Parents as Teachers Association is in the process of some significant board recruitment as many of our positions are filled with people that have maxed out the term limits to be on our board. That’s a good thing right! That says to me that our board culture gets people engaged in ways that make them want to stay! Some specific needs we are focused on are executive board positions of President Elect, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. 
Do you know someone or are you that someone that would be interested in working with our board?
Some facts that are important and to consider about our board:
1. We meet monthly on the third Friday of the month virtually from 12-2pm.
2. We ask that all board members join a committee. Executive board members are automatically part of the personnel committee and the Treasurer is the chair of the finance committee. 
3. We have a fiscal manager that does our books and we have an accounting firm they work with for our annual audit. 
4. We do ask that board members give a financial gift to KPATA that is meaningful to them.
5. We REALLY are trying to focus on diversifying the board make up to have more representation from folks that are not PAT employees.
6. Terms are 2 years. Elected in April by nominating slate and term starts in July.  The President Elect position term would be for the remainder of the current term (a year and half), then serve as President for 2 years and then as Past-President for 2 years. 
More information about KPATA can be found on our website:

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