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SOAR Special Needs Board of Directors

Offer Valid: 11/14/2022 - 03/01/2023
Come SOAR with us!
Board Member Position Description                           
This is an extraordinary opportunity for an individual who is passionate about: 1) individuals with disabilities and the people who care for them; 2) SOAR Special Needs mission; and, 3) Christian leadership and/or ministry. The Board actively works to support the goals of SOAR Special Needs by providing mission-based leadership and strategic governance. Each individual Board Member brings a unique perspective, passion, and gifting while helping to represent the face and voice of the organization to the world. Board Member position details include:

●The SOAR Special Needs Board is an active, voluntary Board.  This means each Board Member is expected to actively work on projects and initiatives that further SOAR Special Needs’ mission, values, and goals
●The SOAR Special Needs Board is not a passive Board.  This means each Board Member’s participation is not limited merely to attending meetings and consuming updates from the organization.  As such, Board Members are asked actively to work on the development, implementation, and growth of SOAR Special Needs initiatives
●Provides advice in the development and implementation of SOAR Special Needs strategic plan
●Collaborates with other Board Members and Executive Director to build and grow programs and services
●Supports other Board Members and Executive director morally, professionally, and spiritually
●Assures mission is executed in alignment with Statement of Faith Biblically, legally, and efficiently
●Assists in recruiting Board Members that reflect the community SOAR Special Needs serves
●Serves as ambassador to increase awareness and public standing of SOAR Special Needs in the community
●Develops adequate resources with Board and Executive Director for mission implementation
●Participates in monthly Board meetings and ad hoc committees/task forces as needed
●Prays regularly for SOAR Special Needs - especially at 510pm each day
●Maintains in strict confidence prayer requests and personal stories

●Demonstrate a commitment to prayer
●Have personal qualities of integrity, credibility, and compassion
●Demonstrate a commitment to understanding the beneficiaries of SOAR Special Needs and a passion for improving their lives
●Demonstrate an affinity for cultivating relationships along with skills such as leadership, facilitation, and building consensus
●Attract other well-qualified, passionate, and effective Board Members
Term & Remuneration:
All Board Members serve three-year terms but are eligible to continue serving for up to five consecutive terms. We believe this optimizes the gifts, talents, experiences and energy of our team while ensuring a graceful, healthy rotation of leaders. When an individual is stepping off of the Board, we appreciate the Board’s partnership in identifying new candidates who will infuse the team with new ideas and energy. Service on SOAR Special Needs Board is without remuneration except for administrative support, travel, and accommodation costs in relation to the Board Member’s duties.

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