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Board Member

Offer Valid: 06/22/2020 - 10/31/2020
Sewing & Growing
The Sewing Labs is expanding into larger space. As part of our growth, we are seeking to add board members interested in supporting our mission.

Our mission at The Sewing Labs (TSL) is  “To inspire hope in populations of individuals marginalized by generational poverty, addiction, incarceration, immigration or other life-challenges, through jobs training, creative sewing arts, and networking.”  We achieve this by providing job skills training in sewing arts, utilizing a network of skilled volunteers for the development of a community that supports marginalized individuals.  It is through this community that connections and networks are formed, resources are shared, and opportunities presented bringing hope for the future.

 The Sewing Labs Board of Directors serves to guide the entire organization with priorities, planning, fundraising, budgeting and administrative support.  The Board’s most important charge is to determine and promote our public-service goals and engage in strategic planning to achieve these goals.  We seek individuals with a passion for service and skills to build our organization into the best that it can be. 

What are the primary responsibilities accepted by a Board member?  

The greatest responsibility you have as a Board member is to hold true to the organization’s mission and to carry this out with integrity. To serve as a Director, it is helpful if you have already had experience serving on a not-for-profit board, general business or entrepreneurial experience, a heart for dramatically improving the quality of life for marginalized populations, and a desire to pay it forward with what you have, what you know, or what you have access to.  In addition, each prospective Director shall work to provide for the financial viability of The Sewing Labs Inc. through personal tax-deductible contributions or through leveraged financial contacts and fundraising activities in the community.

The Board's Job Description:

Major areas of responsibility:

1.  Set policy.

2.  Support the Executive Director.

3.  Be an advocate for the organization.

4.  Fundraise and financial stewardship.

5.  Monitor and evaluate.

6.  Plan for the future.

Interested volunteers should contact:Eileen Bobowski, at

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