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Administrative Assistant

Duties and Responsibilities:  

1. Follow all applicable PPS policies, procedures, including revisions during the grant  period.  

2. Ensure contracted programs initiate contact with the family within 48 business hours of  receipt of referral to review prevention plan.  

3. Perform all tasks related to monthly or quarterly reports to the Quality Implementation  Director.  

4. Acknowledge to the referring worker receipt of referral within 24 business hours.  

5. Compiles data (training, budgets, invoices, and state and federal required information)  for the purpose of preparing reports.  

6. Track in Excel (or similar format), to be determined by the Grants Manager, child level  service milestone data elements for every child in the family designated a candidate for  foster care (at risk of removal). Data elements to track, include but are not limited to,  referral source of PPS prevention grant, name of program or service intervention, DCF  Client ID, age of child at referral, date of referral and dates of service start and end.  

7. Report cases of suspected child abuse and neglect immediately to DCF or law  enforcement in accordance with KSA 38-2223.  

8. Maintain a public image that is supportive at all times towards the public/private  partnership.  

9. Provide full disclosure, open and direct communication and transparency with DCF in all  matters.  

10. Maintain case information on a timely basis that reflects the complete and current history  of assessment information, and services provided and progress of services, for the  family. 

Job Type: Part Time

Salary Range: Up to $29,999