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Director of Lee's Summit Educational Foundation

Posted: 06/06/2021

Must Apply Through District Website 
244 days
8 hours/day

Purpose Statement:

The job of Director of Lee’s Summit Educational Foundation. Inc. was established for the purpose/s of supporting the educational program with specific responsibilities for directing the assigned programs and services of the Lee’s Summit Educational Foundation, Inc.; providing information and serving as a resource to others; achieving defined objectives by planning, evaluating, developing, implementing, and maintaining services in compliance with established guidelines; and serving as a member of the leadership team.

This job reports to Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources

 Essential Functions

  • Collaborates with internal and external personnel (e.g. other administrators, auditors, public agencies, community members, legal council, etc.) for the purpose of implementing and/or maintaining services and programs.
  • Compiles data from a variety of sources (e.g. time sheets, calendars, budgets, account records, etc.) for the purpose of preparing reports.
  • Coordinates Foundation fund raising activities and events (e.g. Taste of Lee’s Summit, Race for the Future, Major Saver, annual giving campaign, Chili Supper, Annual Brunch with Santa, district employee events, etc.) for the purpose of directing services in a timely manner and completing activities.
  • Directs department operations; the maintenance of services and the implementation of new programs and/or processes for the purpose of providing services within established timeframes and in compliance with related requirements.
  • Distributes funds for the purpose of funding educational programs beyond normal budgeted operations.
  • Facilitates committee meetings for the purpose of analyzing issues, conveying and/or gathering information.
  • Increases philanthropic awareness within the community for the purpose of raising funds and providing enrichment opportunities for students and teachers.
  • Maintains a variety of manual and electronic documents, files, and records (e.g. legal and financial nonprofit documents, volunteer lists, grant applications, etc.) forthe purpose of providing up-to-date information, and/or historical reference in accordance with established guidelines and legal requirements.
  • Manages a wide variety of program components (e.g. volunteers, fundraising events, PEAK grants, 501c3 groups, scholarships, StaffOffers website, accounting and investment processes, web development, etc.) for the purpose of ensuring overall objectives of the department are achieved and resources are effectively utilized.
  • Monitors budget allocations, expenditures, fund balances, investments, and related financial activities for the purpose of ensuring that allocations are accurate, revenues are recorded, expenses are within budget limits and/or fiscal practices are followed.
  • Oversees volunteers (e.g. recruiting, training, guiding, etc.) for the purpose of maintaining adequate volunteer staffing, enhancing productivity, and ensuring that standards are achieved.
  • Participates in a variety of meetings (e.g. team, Board of Directors, Advisory Council, LSEF Committees, etc.) for the purpose of analyzing issues and/or conveying and gathering information.
  • Prepares a wide variety of written materials (e.g. plans, budgets, grants, funding requests, reports, legal paperwork, analyses, recommendations, procedures, monthly and quarterly financial reports, job descriptions for volunteers, etc.) for the purpose of documenting activities and issues, meeting compliance requirements, providing audit references, making presentations, and/or providing supporting materials for requested actions.
  • Presents a wide variety of topics related to Lee’s Summit Educational Foundation, Inc. (e.g. financial information, overviews of programs and services, policies and procedures, etc.) for the purpose of maintaining regular communications and providing general information.
  • Researches topics required to manage assignments (e.g. relevant policies, new federal and state statutes, financial resources, grant opportunities, etc.) for the purpose of developing new programs and services, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements, securing general information and/or responding to requests.
  • Responds to a variety of inquiries (e.g. staff, district personnel, other organizations, etc.) for the purpose of resolving problems, providing information and/or referring to appropriate personnel.
  • Supervises department secretary and specialist for the purpose of delivering services in a timely manner and/or monitoring performance and achieving overall objectives of department within established guidelines.
  • Supervises and collaborates with three contractors who assist with weekly financial and investment reporting, graphic design, and social media.

 Other Functions 

  • Performs other related duties as assigned for the purpose of ensuring the efficient and effective functioning of the work unit.

Job Requirements: Skills, Knowledge and Abilities (Minimum Qualifications)

Skill-Based Competencies required to satisfactorily perform the functions of the job include: operating standard office equipment including using a variety of software applications; planning and managing projects; and preparing and maintaining accurate records.

Knowledge-Based Competencies required to satisfactorily perform the functions of the job include: pertinent laws, codes, policies, and/or regulations; personnel processes; standard business practices; program planning and development; effective fundraising/ philanthropic code of ethics; and concepts of grammar and punctuation.

Ability-Based Competencies required to satisfactorily perform the functions of the job include: adapting to changing work priorities; communicating with diverse groups and individuals; meeting deadlines and schedules; setting priorities; working as part of a team; and working with detailed and confidential information/data.

Required Testing None Specified

Certificates & Licenses  Professional Fundraising Certification (recommended)

Clearances Criminal Justice Fingerprint/Background Clearance 

Continuing Educ./Training None Specified

FLSA Status Exempt

Job Type: Full Time

Salary Range: $75,000 - 99,999