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Early Intervention Program Director

Posted: 12/02/2019



  • Master’s degree from an accredited university in the field of early childhood, special education, or related area, as well as vision certification. 
  • Minimum of three (3) years of experience managing a departmental budget in support of organizational goals.
  • Minimum of three (3) years of experience in a leadership role with supervision of staff.
  • Minimum of five (5) years of experience in the field of visual impairment
  • Ph.D. or Ed.D in special education or related field.
  • Strong university affiliation in visual impairments.
  • Experience in deafblind education. 
II.REPORTS TO:  Chief Program Officer (CPO) 

III. HOURS:  40 hours per week 

  1. Coordinates and supervises the year round educational program of the Center’s Early Intervention Program. Assists with program evaluation, when needed.
  2. Maintains a caseload of five or less, as needed. 
  3. Provides support for the Early Intervention Program teachers and therapists to optimize services to children enrolled in the Early Intervention Program.
  4. Monitors the staffing needs for the Early Intervention Program and manages recruitment and hiring responsibilities in coordination with the Program Management Team, when appropriate. 
  5. Conducts 90-day reviews and annual performance appraisals of Early Intervention Program teachers and therapists.  Ensures teacher/therapist weekly schedules are filed and reviewed for productivity and openings on schedule.
  6. Conducts early intervention staff meetings and provides in-service training for the staff. 
  7. Partners with the CPO with intake of new referrals from the program including scheduling and setting up temporary files.
  8. In conjunction with the evaluation team, performs initial functional vision evaluations on children entering the program.  Ensures reports on each evaluation are written and processed with the Billing Specialist within 1-2 weeks of the evaluation.  In conjunction with the child’s parents, Part C service coordinator, and Director of Therapy Services ensures services are advocated for and determined, and then assigned to early intervention team members.
  9. In coordination with the Director of Therapy Services, submits appropriate eligibility requests to county boards on individual children for additional funding.  Regularly reviews county lists to make certain that eligible children are not missed.  Partners with the Director of Therapy Services and the Assistant Director of Development to keep updated on county funding changes and public relations.
  10.  Consults with the Billing Specialist to maintain official files on each child in the Early Intervention Program and to make certain that teacher/therapists notes and reports are submitted for filing in a timely fashion.  
  11. Meets with the Program Management Team and the Directors of Missouri First Steps on a regular basis, acting as a liaison with those entities.
  12. Conducts Early Intervention Program team meetings on a regular basis to discuss caseloads, issues, new developments, etc. to keep the team informed. 
  13. Attends First Steps Early Intervention Team meetings for the CCVI team.
  14. Identifies needs for and manages the budget, conference attendance, and materials; submits recommendations to the CPO. 
  15. Prepares and maintains documentation for AER accreditation.
  16. Partners with Preschool Program Director and Director of Therapy Services on students attending preschool to facilitate transition. Will also partner to make committee assignments. 
  17. Attends weekly Program Management Meetings.
  18. Measures program outcomes. 
  19. Co-chairs the professional development committee with the Preschool Program Director to determine conference opportunities and to arrange in-services.
  20. As requested by the CPO, attends board meetings and retreats and submits assigned reports. Assists with development and grant writing. 
  21. Research trends in the vision professional and develops relevant training for staff.
  22. Performs other duties as assigned by the CPO.

Job Type: Full Time