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Executive Director

Citizens of the World Charter Schools - Kansas City
Job Description
Posted 12/23/18  

The mission of CWC Kansas City is to provide an excellent public education focused on developing and demonstrating understanding while building connections within a diverse community. 
The Executive Director of Citizens of the World Charter Schools - Kansas City (CWC Kansas City) is a visionary leader who will lead and grow our region of schools to build a pre-K to 12th grade continuum over time.  S/he will have a sophisticated understanding of and experience with managing or leading an outcomes-driven, multi-site organization with a direct impact on education reform and academic outcomes for students.
The Executive Director will create and maintain an organizational culture that challenges and motivates our diverse leaders, students, teachers, and families to achieve academic excellence, develop as people, and positively impact the communities in which they live.  S/he will have a commitment to the educational philosophy of our school that includes the CWC Graduate Dispositions, the CWC three strands of education (Academics, Social & Emotional Development, and Difference & Inclusion) and the mission and core purpose of our organization.  
This is a full-time position located in Kansas City, MO.  For more information on Citizens of the World Charter Schools – Kansas City, please visit
The Executive Director will be responsible for the following:
Strategic Planning and Goal Setting
  • Work with the CWC Kansas City Board, key funders and partners, and the leadership team to hone the strategic vision and develop the implementation plan to accomplish it.
  • Set clear academic, growth, operational, and financial goals aligned to CWCS goals and goals in the school’s charter; manage to these goals, adapting as necessary given changes in internal and external environment.
  • In collaboration with CWCS and the CWC Kansas City Board, ensure that the region has a viable long-term financial plan and a diversified and sustainable funding base.
  • Manage development efforts to meet ambitious annual goals by identifying, cultivating, and soliciting public, individual, and foundation sources of giving.  Ensure that schools are maximizing all public revenue sources.
  • Work with network partners to set racial and economic diversity targets equal to that of each school’s neighborhood; report on and ensure the targets are met.
  • Actively engage in understanding the “CWC Way” and apply that understanding to the development of a strong adult and student culture in the region.
  • Ensure school alignment and/or progress toward alignment with organizational goals for diversity for staff and students.
  • Reflect on, and adjust as necessary, practices that drive ongoing improvement and development of a transformative organizational culture consistent with the CWC purpose, mission, core values, and operating norms.
  • Ensure that schools develop a culture that is centered on the core competencies of social-emotional learning, student collaboration, and accommodation of students’ diverse strengths and needs.
Team Management and Development
  • Work collaboratively with the Board of Directors to ensure all areas of the organization are well functioning and in compliance with the mission and vision of CWC and State of Missouri statutes. Serve as the Board’s primary conduit for and to the organization.
  • Recruit, hire, manage, and develop the regional leadership team and school principals; ensure instructional and operational staff are mission-aligned and qualified.
  • Advise and support principals on hiring other school-based instructional and operational leaders, as well as specialized support staff.
  • Build a culture of relentless self-improvement and adaptive leadership among the entire school.
  • Operationalize CWC’s performance management system for the regional team and all school-based leaders.
  • Address concerns urgently and with mission-aligned, student-focused responses.
  • Establish and maintain strong relationships with key stakeholders, including CWCS, CWC Kansas City Board, funding community, school-based leaders and staff, CWC Kansas City families, and community members.
  • Serve as the public face of CWC Kansas City and seek to increase awareness of CWC Kansas City’s mission and vision.
  • Continue to develop a strong, engaged, and active Board in close partnership with the Board Chair and committee leaders.
  • Ensure that all stakeholders are engaged in service of the mission and feel valued in their work.
  • Communicate the schools’ vision and goals in a way that ensures understanding and commitment from a racially, culturally, and socioeconomically diverse community of parents, students, faculty, staff, and board members.
  • Oversee the development and implementation of varied forms of communication with CWC Kansas City families.
  • Maintain positive relationships with local and national advocates and charter organizations; serve as an active leader in the charter community, learning from others and sharing CWC Kansas City’s best practices.
Operations, Finances, and Compliance
  • Ensure compliant, effective, and efficient school-based operations that support an academically high-performing school environment.
  • Manage and support regional operations staff, which in turn support school-based operations teams.
  • Work with the Board of Directors, Finance Committee, and school Principals to drive financial strategy, ensure sustainability, and make certain that the daily financial and business activities are compliant with the school’s fiscal policies.
  • Report on activities, organizational development progress, and student achievement to the schools’ Board, CWCS, the schools’ authorizer, and other applicable state and federal reporting agencies.
  • Oversee the operating budget, payroll, contracts, and all other financial and accounting operations; supervise the efforts of a third-party back-office service provider.
Staff & Reporting Strategy
The Executive Director will report to the CWC Kansas City Board of Directors and be supervised by Citizens of the World Charter Schools.  S/he will work closely with other stakeholders, including the CWCS leadership team, the school’s authorizer, the Missouri Department of Elementary & Secondary Education, and other applicable regulatory agencies.
Qualifications & Traits
Candidates must have:
  • A track record of leadership, including at least five years of professional experience with success managing a high-performing organization.
  • A set of experiences in education, nonprofit, or corporate environment(s) with a focus on diversity and a demonstrated track record of commitment to diversity, inclusion, and cultural responsiveness – ideally in areas of youth development, education, within a school environment (charter, district, CMO) or in areas of school reform.
  • Specific experience in a multi-site and/or start-up environment is a plus.
  • Proven alignment with the Citizens of the World Charter Schools mission (“CWC Way”) and a demonstrated commitment to ensuring high academic achievement for diverse student communities.
  • Proven capacity for leadership, including the ability to effectively assemble and motivate a team of professionals to achieve ambitious and measurable results.
  • Experience developing meaningful relationships with diverse stakeholders.
  • A track record of being able to strategize at a high level while also executing that strategy on the ground.
  • A willingness to develop and secure resources through philanthropy and other funding opportunities, strategic partnerships, and mobilization of stakeholders.
  • A Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited, four-year university; an advanced degree preferred (e.g. MBA, MPA, JD, M.Ed.)
  • Willingness to work on-site at the school(s), and occasionally travel to other CWC regions and the network office to share best practices and contribute to the development of network-wide culture and organizational/leadership development.
  • An entrepreneurial spirit; organized and self-managed; capable of accomplishing many complex tasks with competing priorities; is dependable and has excellent follow-through.
  • Strong leadership and team management skills; a self-aware leader who knows how to treat all members of the school’s community with respect; appraises his/her strengths and weaknesses accurately; is perceptive about how s/he is regarded; has a strong personal commitment to ongoing learning and growth.
  • Be an effective and persuasive communicator, orally and in writing; ability to communicate in Spanish a plus.
Compensation & Benefits
CWC Kansas City offers competitive salaries commensurate with experience and a comprehensive benefits package.  CWCS and CWC Kansas City are separate 501(c)(3) organizations and are Equal Opportunity Employers.  As an organization that values diversity and aims to serve a diverse group of students, we work to reflect this diversity in our staff as well.
Please apply online through the TalentEd Application Portal on our website at  No phone calls, please.
About Citizens of the World Charter Schools
Our purpose at Citizens of the World Charter Schools is to realize human potential by strengthening the bonds among us and developing true citizens of the world. In this work, we are guided by our core values of Excellence, Authenticity, Diversity, Community, and Change and our operating norms, which reflect a commitment to personal and professional growth, including operating as learners, and with curiosity, integrity, and humility.
The mission of Citizens of the World Charter Schools is to impact and expand the conversation about what an excellent education contains, requires, and accomplishes. Citizens of the World schools challenge students to realize their full potential and thrive in a diverse society.
We are public schools open to all, committed to serving diverse communities throughout the U.S. with schools currently in Los Angeles and Kansas City.  Our school model was founded upon three learning strands: core academics, social and emotional, and difference and inclusion. We develop sophisticated thinkers who master content and have a courageous and compassionate sense of responsibility for themselves and all people. Our classrooms are challenging and joyful learning environments that engage students through projects tailored to their personal experiences, strengths, and needs. 
Our teachers take the time to get to know each student as an individual. We empower students to think critically and learn to engage respectfully and productively with fellow students by developing their capacity to enter into and understand the lives of others. Our goal is for student “success” to include mastery of both content and emotions, so that students can meaningfully connect with each other, be part of any community, and courageously decide who they are in the world and how they want the world to be. 
In this work, we:
  • Prepare students to become citizens of the world in an ever-changing future.
  • Promote academic rigor and experiential learning to support and develop children’s natural intellectual curiosity.
  • Embrace a constructivist, project-based learning approach to teaching and learning.
  • Develop each child’s potential to live as a learner, both in school and out.
  • Reflect, welcome, and celebrate the community’s diversity.
  • Strengthen the bonds among members of the school community and beyond.
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