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KC Common Good Executive Director

American Public Square
Job Description
Posted 03/12/19 
KC Common Good, an initiative of American Public Square, seeks an Executive Director to oversee bringing together the Greater Kansas City Metropolitan Community to reduce violence and create an environment where all citizens can live safely, securely and have access to real opportunities.  KC Common Good was originally established in 2018 as a program of American Public Square, an organization that brings together non-like-minded people to engage in civil, fact-based dialogue about controversial, potentially polarizing issues that impact our city, region, nation and world. 

KC Common Good convenes the people and organizations that are working to address the root causes of violence in order to more effectively coordinate disparate efforts.  Among its primary efforts is the establishment and maintenance of a Community Resources Portal designed to provide access and information about resources and opportunities to all community members.
The key responsibility of this position is to provide overall leadership of the organization and promote the vision KC Common Good which seeks to give all members of the Greater Kansas City Metropolitan Community access to a successful future by increasing hope and opportunity.  It requires an individual who sees him/herself as a “servant leader” whose passion for people and community is paramount.

In the short-term, the position reports to the KC Common Good Senior Consultant.  Once KC Common Good becomes a standalone entity (anticipated for first quarter 2020), the position will report to the Chairperson of the Advisory Board.

The responsibilities of the position include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Develop and implement a strategic plan for KC Common Good, including a Community Resources Portal to be built in partnership with SourceLink.
  • Coordinate all activities of KC Common Good including oversight of the portal and its related network; development and implementation of programs; leadership of existing programs.
  • Manage day-to-day operations; hire, train and supervise team; establish and manage budget.
  • Recruit and work with service provider partners within the Community Resources Portal; understand their needs and facilitate their work in the Portal.
  • Interact with community members regularly to understand program and resource needs, monitor usage of the Portal, and identify gaps in services.
  • Oversee promotion and outreach efforts; interact with corporate leaders and media.
  • Oversee financial viability of KC Common Good including the Community Resource Portal and other efforts of the organization; analyze potential funding sources and pursue, as needed; manage financial reporting.
  • Serve as liaison to Advisory Board and committees; encourage two-way flow of information.
  • Serve as liaison with Founding Partner(s).
  • Seek funding for on-going support of the organization; coordinate grant writing; manage relationships with foundations and other funding sources.
The ideal candidate should have an undergraduate degree and an advanced degree in business or not-for-profit management or the equivalent experience. Preference will be given to those who have hands-on community experience.

The candidate must also be able to:
  • Demonstrate passion for and commitment to the community.
  • Analyze complex information, make decisions and negotiate among parties at all levels. Develop good working relationships with a broad range of constituents. Know how to create and work as a leader/member of a high performing team.
  • Communicate orally and in writing with a broad range of constituencies.
  • Resolve complex problems where there are significant differences of opinion.
  • Maintain confidentiality.
  • Supervise and manage people and programs.
  • Provide oversight for all financial aspects of the organization.
  • Work with a high degree of integrity and hold high ethical standards.
  • Treat others with respect and dignity. 
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