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Behavioral Health Recovery Coach/Case Manager

The Recovery Coach provides behaviorally oriented and socially rehabilitative services for clients who are experiencing disruptions in functioning as a result of mental illness or substance abuse. Services provided focus primary assistance in the domains of environmental, financial, social, occupational, spiritual, intellectual, and emotional wellbeing. Some of the methods include triage, risk assessment, ongoing assessment of behavioral and psychosocial needs, information and referral, client and family education, coordination of services with all providers, and assistance with learning necessary skills to promote wellness across the domains. The Recovery Coach functions as a member of an interdisciplinary team for client care and works effectively in a multicultural setting. The Recovery Coach works under the regular supervision and direction of a Qualified Mental Health Professional.

Job Duties and Responsibilities
1. The Recovery Coach supports the client to lead a self-determined life by providing the psychosocial and behaviorally based interventions and skill building necessary to establish self-confidence, emotional well being, and decision-making skills.
2. The Recovery Coach demonstrates a range of effective communication strategies and skills necessary to establish a collaborative relationship with the client.
3. The Recovery Coach demonstrates a range of participatory planning techniques in collaboratively assessing clients’ from a behavioral framework to identify strengths, barriers, and service needs.
4. The Recovery Coach develops effective treatment interventions based on the client’s stated goals with the ability to match specific supports and interventions to the unique needs of individual clients and recognizes the importance of friends, family and community relationships.
5. The Recovery Coach should be knowledgeable about the formal and informal supports available in the client’s community and in assisting the client to identify and gain access to such supports.
6. The Recovery Coach is knowledgeable about the diverse challenges facing clients (e.g. human rights, legal, administrative and financial) and should be able to identify and use effective advocacy strategies to overcome such challenges.
7. The Recovery Coach is knowledgeable about the career and education related concerns of the client and is able to mobilize the resources and support necessary to assist the client to reach his or her goals.
8. The Recovery Coach is knowledgeable about the spiritual and emotional concerns of the client and is able to mobilize the resources and support necessary to assist the client to reach his or her goals.
9. The Recovery Coach is knowledgeable about emotional support in crisis prevention, intervention and resolution techniques and should match such techniques to particular circumstances and individuals.
10. The Recovery Coach is familiar with the mission and practices for the organization’s BHN division and participates in the recovery of the organization.
11. The Recovery Coach is aware of the requirements for documentation in his or her organization and for special agreed upon projects and is able to manage these requirements efficiently.
12. The Recovery Coach demonstrates leadership and mentoring skills within a team setting and is able to impart knowledge about resources, procedures, and mental illness to other Recovery Coaches.
13. Promotes quality improvement, staff and patient safety, and cultural diversity through department operations and by personal performance.
14. Provides service in a manner that is appropriate for the patient’s age; demonstrates knowledge and skills necessary to meet the patient’s physical, psychosocial, educational, and safety needs.
15. Presents a courteous and helpful demeanor, appropriate for age, to all patients, visitors, other employees/medical staff members, or any other person an employee encounters while representing the organization.
16. Maintains current knowledge related to applicable statutes, regulations, guidelines and standards necessary to perform job duties in accordance with the requirements of the Corporate Compliance Plan. Complies with the requirements of the Code of Conduct, Corporate Compliance Plan and Compliance Policies and Procedures, including training requirements. Participates in compliance activities under the direction of the Department Manager and Corporate Compliance Officer.

Minimum Requirements
1. Bachelor’s degree in Psychology or Social Work
2. Must have good verbal and written communication skill
3. Good leadership skills
4. Ability to evaluate program outcomes
5. Ability to work with multicultural staff and clientele
6. If driving is a requirement for the employee, he/she must meet the requirements specified in the Fleet Driving Safety and Compliance Policy and must continue to meet these requirements as a condition of employment

Job Type: Full Time

Salary Range: $30,000 - 49,999