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Admissions Coordinator/Case Manager

The Children's Place
Job Description

Posted 12/05/18  

Position Summary:     Screen and process all referrals made for client services within the Outpatient Treatment Services, Day Treatment Services, SafeCare, and Parenting Support Services in the agency.  Field other calls seeking general information regarding agency services and refer to other community resources as needed.

 Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

I.       Direct Services

Screen and process all referrals made for client services.

Obtain and document referrals for Outpatient Treatment Services, Day Treatment Services, SafeCare and Parenting Support Services programs.

Establish initial funding source for referred clients.  Verify eligibility, benefits, and initial authorization for clients funded by CTS, private insurance or Medicaid/MC+.

Respond to telephone and in-office requests for information regarding agency services and other community resources.

Make appropriate referrals to community resources on behalf of individuals/families needing services beyond the scope of The Children’s Place.

Provide two billable units per week through case management services provided to clients in the Day Treatment Services program, Outpatient Treatment Services program and/or community trainings.

Provide case management for Day Treatment Services and Outpatient Treatment Services clients and their families to coordinate comprehensive services efforts with other agencies/organizations/ providers involved with each assigned client, as appropriate.

 On behalf of assigned assessment/therapy clients, assist in coordination of services provided by various members of the treatment team, (e.g., psychiatrist, psychologist, parent aide, therapist).

II.     Administrative Duties
Communicate effectively with referral sources, resources, and agency staff.
       Remain informed regarding requirements of/changes in and utilization of Medicaid/MC+         and other funding sources which affect services and billing for potential and current                 agency clients.

Coordinate admissions process with Program Directors to facilitate appropriate and timely client enrollments and service delivery.

 Attend the Outpatient Treatment Services, Day Treatment Services, and SafeCare staff meetings addressing clinical/administrative issues.

 Produce timely and accurate billing summaries on weekly basis.

 Maintain timely and concise reports on assigned clients reflecting agency standards.

III.    Program Development

    Participate in ongoing program development and improvement based on feedback from         clients, funders, staff, and others regarding Admissions process and Outpatient Treatment     Services, Day Treatment Services, SafeCare and Parenting Support Services delivery.

IV.    Quality Improvement:

       Participate in agency committees and meetings as assigned, including monthly Program         Directors meetings, monthly all staff meetings and clinical meetings as requested.

Participate in development and implementation of agency’s strategic plan.  Coordinate and oversee achievement of strategic planning goals as assigned.

Review and revise policies/procedures pertaining to admissions issues as needed.

Adhere to agency policies regarding Quality Improvement measures.

Utilize available technology to maximize efficient use of resources. Seek necessary training.

  V.    Professional Development/Community Outreach

        Actively participate in all appropriate staff development activities, meet continuing                    education requirements and obtain continuing education units of 15 hours per year. 

Demonstrate competency in use of Microsoft Office, Windows and Excel. 

Demonstrate good communication skills both verbal and written.

Utilize available technology to maximize efficient use of Agency resources.

Effectively represent The Children's Place in the community by giving facility tours and/or community presentations, as requested.

Skills, Experience and Education:

      ·      General knowledge of the signs and symptoms of child abuse and/or neglect

·       Knowledge of the role of a mandated reporter

·        Mastery of the English language, both verbal and written

·        Organizational and Time Management skills

·        Demonstrated track record of accuracy, timeliness, dependability and reliability

·       Competence and ability to operate a personal computer, fax machine, photocopier            and telephone

·       Demonstrated ability to maintain confidentiality regarding records, clients and                    sensitive data

·       Interpersonal style that is conducive to executing a multidisciplinary team approach

·        Knowledge of client needs/issues (e.g. abuse, neglect, trauma, foster)

·        Demonstrated knowledge of and experience with child development (specifically                ages 0-8)

·        Physical ability to restrain, lift and hold children without restriction

·        Familiar with community resources, collaboration and initiatives that will enhance               The Children’s Place

·         Ability to communicate directly and effectively with clients, staff, supervisor,                        teammates and other professionals

·         Ability to work and travel within the community without restriction

·         Demonstrate computer competencies necessary for job.

 Certification(s) / Degree(s) Required:

     ·         Bachelor’s degree in social work, counseling or related field, with 3 years                                 experience.

·         Missouri licensure preferred.

Working Conditions:

      ·         Ability to access multiple levels of the agency’s or client’s building.

·         When required, be responsible for client physical safety.

·         Must understand and follow building security procedures.

·         Business casual office attire.

·         Possible exposure to childhood diseases.

·         Exposure to sensitive client subject matter.

·         Other normal office environment and conditions.


Other duties will be required/requested for effective job performance.  This is not a contract for employment but an outline of essential functions and expectations.

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