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Director of Clinical Services

The Children's Place
Job Description

Posted 03/07/19 
Position Description                                                                               Revised:   2/19

Title of Position: Director of Clinical Services

 Program: Day Treatment Services and Outpatient Treatment Services

 Reporting Structure: Reports to Vice President of Program Administration; supervises Admissions Coordinator, Outpatient Therapists (staff and contract), Day Treatment Therapists, manage Screening Diagnostician(s), Psychiatrist (contract) and Psychologist (contract) .

Position Summary: Develop, coordinate, implement and evaluate the clinical service component of the agency to achieve effective/quality treatment services.

 Duties include, but are not limited to:

 I. Direct Services

 Maintain regular communication with Admissions Coordinator to facilitate appropriate & timely admission to program services.  Provide coverage for program admissions in Admission Coordinator’s absence.

Maintain effective, timely communication with collateral agencies regarding mutual clients and program services.

 Provide weekly supervision for clinical team.

 Conduct seminars and workshops on behalf of the agency as scheduling allows.  May be on or off-site.

 Prepare and submit billing for services rendered on a weekly basis.

 Demonstrate compliance with all agency & contract procedures related to timely, quality documentation of client services.

 Provide case management coverage for urgent needs of clients in program staff’s caseload when ongoing, assigned staff is absent.

 Communicate effectively with other agency departments and personnel to ensure optimum service delivery.

Facilitate weekly clinical issues meeting for all clinical staff.  Develop and oversee continuing education plan for all clinical staff.  Provide clinical consultation to staff in all programs as needed.

II. Administrative Duties:
Skillfully allocate, direct and administer resources.  Actively participate in budget planning; monitor program revenues & expenses on a regular basis to effectively utilize resources.

Oversee department trainings and budget.

Review cases referred for treatment services and assign to clinical staff to ensure          service provision in a timely & effective manner.  Monitor caseloads to ensure appropriate workload & diversity of client issues.

Oversee clinical staff billing procedures and productivity in coordination with billing department; review clinicians billing and productivity on regular basis.

Manage program requirements for various funding sources. Serve as liaison with other agencies involved; attend meetings as required.  Oversee completion of all required reporting & documentation.

Oversee professional staff organization and all privileging activities.  Ensure that monitoring data are presented/reviewed and addressed as necessary.  Ensure that information is forwarded to Assessment Committee and Board of Directors for approval. 

III. Quality Improvement 

Actively participate in strategic planning, quality improvement & management activities, including Leadership Meetings.

Oversee performance improvement activities relating to quality of clinical services and monitoring of outcome measures.  Develop, implement and evaluate annual aspects of care for tracking and evaluation purposes.  Fully comply with accreditation  standards in this area.

Conduct monthly chart audits for thoroughness & evaluate desired program outcomes, reviewing for timeliness and quality.  Forward results, as well as client satisfaction data, to Leadership.

Document, review and revise all clinical policies/procedures (outpatient, day treatment, admissions, etc,) as needed to reflect current program practices and to ensure compliance with all accrediting standards.

IV.    Professional Development / Community Outreach

Actively participate in a minimum of 15 hours of training for professional development each year, in accordance with licensure requirements. 

Identify staff training needs & priorities to ensure adequate expertise for effective service delivery and coordinate staff development plan.  Recommend training/consultation expenditures for program staff to VP of Program Administration and Development.

Effectively represent The Children’s Place by regular attendance at professional meetings and as needed within the community. 

Utilize available technology to maximize efficient use of resources.  Demonstrate technology competencies necessary for job

V.  Program Development
Identify and develop plan for any needed changes in programming to ensure that Clinical Services maintain viability and meet client needs as funding and staffing permits.  Coordinate implementation with Director of Day Treatment and VP of Program Administration.

Contribute to achievement of strategic planning goals and objectives through development and attainment of strategies for clinical programming. 

VI. Staff Supervision

 Demonstrate quality administrative and clinical supervision (on an ongoing basis) to all Outpatient and Day Treatment providers.  Provide support, education, and direction towards program and personal performance goals. 

Review and keep current written agreements and insurance verification with contract           personnel.

Evaluate, in a timely manner, staff performance based on observations, customer feedback, compliance with job description and feedback from staff with whom they interact.  Fairly communicate the results through verbal and written communication at the end of staff’s initial probationary period, annually and as needed when issues arise. 

Make Recommendations to the Vice President of Program Administration and the President/ CEO regarding salary adjustments.

Interview and hire qualified candidates for clinical positions with the approval of the Vice-President of Program Administration.

Coordinate formal orientation process upon hiring, including review of employee orientation manual and provision of initial training.

    Skills and Experience:

General knowledge of the signs and symptoms of child abuse and/or neglect

Knowledge of the role of a mandated reporter

Three years post graduate experience; one year supervisory experience.

 Willingness to take on additional responsibilities to achieve goals.

 Demonstrate follow through on assigned tasks within timelines given.

Use appropriate interpersonal styles and methods to develop team spirit and intra-team cooperation.  Demonstrate ability to effectively communicate with staff, clients, and collaterals, demonstrating sensitivity to cultural differences.

Demonstrate ability to read and comprehend clinical information, requests for proposals, and contracts to ultimately design and implement clinical programming.

Stay abreast of current external trends and developments through active participation in professional/civic organizations.

Effectively recognize others’ efforts and contributions.

 Demonstrate clinical competence in provision of treatment services to client population.

 Ability to focus on detail to identify pattern/trends and offer potential solutions.

Demonstrate high level of knowledge about child development

Demonstrate high level of knowledge about trauma and its impact

General knowledge of evidence-based frameworks and play therpy interventions

Minimum of 5 years post graduate experience, 3 year supervisory experience

Demonstrate high level of knowledge about mental health treatment

Knowledge of the signs and symptoms of child abuse and/or neglect

Knowledge of the role of a mandated reporter

Knowledge of child welfare system

Ability to manage difficult child behaviors

Physical ability to lift children and engage in play activities without restriction. \

Mastery of the English language, both verbal and written

Ability to interact professionally and effectively with clients, families, staff, board and community partners.

Ability to be solutions focused and build consensus as well as able to communicate assertively and effectively to solve problems within a multicultural environment.

Ability to communicate directly and effectively with others, demonstrating sensitivity to cultural differences.

Interpersonal style that is conducive to executing a multidisciplinary team approach

Familiar with community resources, collaboration and initiatives that will enhance The Children’s Place

Knowledge and ability to demonstrate organizational and time management skills

Demonstrated track record of accuracy, timeliness, dependability, reliability, and attention to detail.

Demonstrated ability to maintain confidentiality regarding records, clients and sensitive data

Ability to work and travel within the community without restriction

Competence and ability to utilize technology and demonstrate competencies in the use of Microsoft Office, Windows, Excel and PowerPoint.

Certification(s) / Degree(s) Required:

Master’s degree in social work or related field.

Current Missouri licensure in social work or counseling.

 Working Conditions:

Some community travel and evening hours required

Ability to access multiple levels of the agency’s or clients’ building.

When required, be responsible for client physical safety.

Must understand and follow building security procedures.

Business casual office attire.

Possible exposure to childhood illnesses.


Performance will formally be evaluated after initial 90 days and annually thereafter.  Ongoing feedback from supervisors related to work performance.


      Other duties will be required/requested for effective job performance.  This is not a       contract for employment but an outline of essential functions and expectations.


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