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Green Steward - Green Infrastructure Maintenance Worker

Bridging The Gap, Inc.
Job Description

Posted 01/06/18  

Job purpose 

The Green Steward will participate in maintenance and monitoring of green infra-structure landscaping as a member of a crew and under the direction of the Green Stewards Crew Leader.  The Green Steward will also participate in on-going training to improve in this position and to gain the knowledge and experience to move on to a permanent position at BTG or elsewhere. 

Primary Duties and Responsibilities 

  • Provide landscape maintenance including raking, mulching, removal of litter and leaf debris, non-chemical weed and pest control, trimming and pruning, inspecting for and replacing dead plants 

  • Inspect and maintain proper flow and drainage of green infra-structure installations by removing silt and filling rills caused by erosion 

  • Attend NGICP Training 

  • Attend additional training for career development 

  • Follow all safety protocols and alert Green Steward Crew Leader to unaddressed/new safety issues 

  • Participate in collecting data on sites using an I-pad/Tablet application 

  • Participate in BTG all staff events and meetings as required 

  • Assist in tool maintenance and the loading and unloading of tools and supplies 

  • Participants with appropriate driver’s license and driving record may be asked to drive work van or truck 

  • Represent BTG and maintain positive interactions with the public and project partners 

  • Be a supportive member of the crew by being considerate and helpful 

  • Other job-related duties as requested and subject to reasonable accommodation. 


  • Capable of regular and on-time attendance, five days per week 

  • Able to do diligent physical work all day and move 50-pound bags from the ground to a height of 3 feet. 

  • Willingness to learn about storm water management, native plants, drainage and "green infrastructure" 

  • Must be a resident of Kansas City, Missouri 

  • Must be at least 18 years of age 

  • Must be able to speak and read English 

  • All candidates will be subject to a background check and pre-employment drug screening within compliance with applicable local, state and federal law  

Working conditions 

  • Working in extremes of heat, cold and rain 

  • Heavy lifting, bending, and moving up to 50 lbs 

  • Very uneven terrain 

Salary & Benefits 

Benefits include 90% of health, dental and vision insurance, and, 100% disability and life insurance, 2 weeks of paid vacation, paid holiday between Christmas and New Years Day. 

Starting pay:  $12/hour 

Please click here to apply, or contact Chris Cardwell with any questions. 


Bridging The Gap is an equal opportunity employer and understands the value of having a team with a diversity of experiences and perspectives to optimize our potential for compassion, collaboration, creativity and excellence in service.  BTG encourages people of all backgrounds to apply. 

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