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Heathcare Navigator - Veterans Services

Posted: 09/13/2020

Position Objective

  • SSVF Health Care Navigators are employed by SSVF grantees to provide services that include connecting Veterans to VA health care benefits or community health care services where Veterans are not eligible for VA care. SSVF health care navigators provide case management and care coordination, health education, interdisciplinary collaboration, coordination and consultation, and administrative duties.  SSVF Healthcare Navigators work closely with the Veteran’s primary care provider and members of the Veteran’s assigned interdisciplinary treatment team.
  • The health care navigator possesses excellent judgment and has at least two years of experience in a healthcare or social services area of practice.  The health care navigator will act as a liaison between the SSVF grantee and the VA or community medical clinic and works with a population of Veterans with complex needs who require assistance accessing health care services or adhering to health care plans.
  • The SSVF health care navigator works closely with the Veteran’s assigned multidisciplinary team, including medical, nursing, and administrative specialists, and case management personnel. The SSVF health care navigator works within this team to provide timely, appropriate, Veteran centered care equitably. The SSVF health care navigator works collaboratively with the team and the Veteran to identify and address systems challenges for enhanced care coordination as needed.
Essential Duties
  • Assist the Case Manager, who is working with the Veterans towards self-sufficiency and financial independence through the following comprehensive services:
    • Individualized Assessment
    • Healthcare Team and Veteran Communication
    • Specialized Case Management and Care Coordination
    • Health Education for Veterans
    • Interdisciplinary Collaboration, Coordination and Consultation
    • Administrative Duties and System Improvement
    • Maintain comprehensive statistical data on all participants.
    • Maintain accurate records of financial assistance provided to participants and progress with goals in HMIS and in internal systems of outcome tracking.
    • Prepare case records for proper storage after participant exits program.
    • Complete other reports as requested.
    • Develop and maintain comprehensive protocols for identifying and promoting self-sufficiency in participants, working with Veterans and military families to obtain new skills and to resolve problems.
    • Promote self-sufficiency with all clients.
    • Explain the nature of the available programs, procedures and services.
    • Explain the benefits, advantages and encourages Veterans and military families to participate in Case Management.
    • Work directly with Veteran clients and the Veterans Administration (VA)in identifying barriers to self-sufficiency and developing goals and objectives for overcoming these barriers through a Needs Assessment process.
    • Identify strengths and needs and make referral to available VA and community resources to meet those needs. Client files will track individual needs, assessments, strategies and progress through ongoing case management.
    • Work in collaboration with the VA and other Veteran Service Organizations to assist the Veteran and their families to overcome barriers.
    • Coordinate with Catholic Charities staff, VA Staff, and any other service provider working to meet the needs of Veterans and military families.
    • Link to community resources for integrations purposes, socialization, recreation, education, occupation and vocational needs of Veterans served.
    • Maintain record of pertinent program related information and compile required data in reports. Prepare and submit reports following established timelines and procedures.
    • Remain familiar with current VA regulations as they relate to needs of the client base.
    • Facilitate and mediate communication with Veterans and the VA or other agencies.
    • Provide crisis intervention with supervisor when needed.
    • Respond to inquiries, phone calls, and email in a timely and responsive manner.
    • Attend provider meetings in the community specific to Veterans and community resources as well as monthly management team meetings.
Other Duties
  • Other duties as assigned.
Education and Experience
As a prerequisite, the successful candidate must believe in the core values of the Supportive Services of Veteran Families (SSVF) grant and be driven by the mission of Catholic Charities.
  • Bachelor’s level social worker or equivalent education and experience preferred.
Skills and Competencies
  • Ability to establish and maintain professional boundaries in working with clients, the VA and other Veteran Service Organizations.
  • Knowledge of community resources including how to obtain VA and other healthcare benefits.
  • Ability to manage multiple projects with demanding and competing deadlines; superior organizational skills and the ability to maintain a quality workplace in a diverse, fast paced, stressful and changing environment.
  • Ability to work independently, as necessary.
  • Demonstrate professional development by participating in and seeking training opportunities.
  • Demonstrate a positive attitude, self-motivation, organization, and resourcefulness while maintaining a reputation through proven action of being team and client oriented and willing to assist where/when needed.
  • Ability to negotiate different personalities and work under competing priorities.
  • Ability to assess emergency situations and respond effectively.
  • Excellent written and verbal skills in the English language.
  • Must be prompt and dependable.
  • This position requires a clear communicator (both verbal and written), organized with effective time management skills, demonstrating a willingness to learn and adapt, with the highest standards of behavior, collaborative manner and work ethic.

Job Type: Full Time