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Culinary Assistant

Rosedale Development Association, Inc.
Job Description

Posted 03/10/19 
Job Title: Culinary Assistant                                                                                         Status: Seasonal


The Culinary Assistant is responsible for developing and overseeing the menu for the Rainbow Summer Program at Rainbow Mennonite Church. Rainbow Summer Program is a 6-week summer educational enrichment program for approximately 100 children who have completed grades K - 8.  Curriculum emphases include reading, financial literacy, wellness literacy (gardening, health/nutrition and physical fitness) financial literacy, parental involvement, and social action/community service.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Assist the Culinary Manager in preparing and serving breakfast, lunch and snack to scholars and staff daily.
  • Store perishable and non-perishable food items in an appropriate location

  • Keep the kitchen, food preparation and serving areas clean and sanitized at all times

  • Assist in preparing the kitchen, food preparation areas and utensils prior to the opening of the Rainbow Summer Program

  • Assist with cleaning the kitchen, food preparation areas and utensils after the close of the Rainbow Summer Program

  • Maintain professional relations with Rainbow Mennonite Church staff providing Rainbow Summer Program support


  • GED or High school diploma

  • Experience in USDA food preparation and serving standards for large groups.

  • Successful work experience as an assistant cook in a nutritional program

  • Possess good human relations skills and be able to work effectively with children, young adults and adults

  • Dependable and self-starter

  • Possess good communication and literacy skills

  • Interest in preparing healthy meals for children

Must demonstrate a working knowledge of:

  • USDA food preparation requirements and standards

  • The role of the position in relationship to the RMC congregation and the Sharing Community in Rosedale’s mission and vision.

Preferred Education and Experience
High School or GED degree. Must be at least 18 years of age.

Supervisory Responsibility: None

Salary: $3,120

Supervision Received: The Culinary Assistant reports to the  Culinary Manager.

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