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Director of Programs

Posted: 04/28/2021

Position Overview 

The Director of Programs is a critically important senior leadership role, overseeing the operational and programmatic success of our REVEAL Social and Mental Health Program and our Foster Grandparents Program (FGP), ensuring quality team management and development, program design, implementation, quality control, and impact evaluation. This position also promotes greater internal communication, increases transparency, and organizational accountability

This position is a highly strategic and facilitative position that requires a combination of focus and flexibility. As part of the organizational senior leadership team, this role requires someone who is highly resourceful and strategically minded with strong analytical skills. This role needs a data driven leader who can move programs from "vanity metrics" to "impact metrics" and someone who has a social entrepreneurial and systems thinking mindset. This position also requires someone who can create effective communication systems and work collaboratively across all programs and departments. This role requires emotional intelligence, and someone who is proactive, humble, and brings a high level of commitment to the organizational vision, mission, and values, including an equity lens and a compassionate heart for people.  



  • Programs Management

    • Works with program staff and key stakeholders to achieve program quality, high client satisfaction, and low barriers to entry to RS services. 

    • Evaluate program quality and ensure implementation of program goals.

    • Work with program managers to develop annual budgets. 

    • Develop and implement strategies that will maximize the synergies among program areas. 

    • Cultivating existing relationships with other organizations associated with RS with the goal of ensuring sufficient resources and access to services, and provide recommendations to the ED on strategic partnerships. 

    • With a keen eye for program quality and process development, this position works with the COO and Program Managers to evaluate existing and new programs as needed to achieve RS’s mission in a highly dynamic environment. 

    • Meet with Program staff regularly, including team huddles to ensure consistent and clear communication. 

    • Maintain the programs dashboard to communicate to the ED, COO, and key stakeholders status of programs, key metrics and trends, and progress towards goals. 

    • Meet with funders as needed for grant reviews and site visits, and ensure documentation is thoroughly prepared for such meetings. 

    • Work with the development team to secure necessary program information and outcomes for grants and grant reports, acting as liaison between the development team and program staff. 

    • Coordinate with program staff to manage program/office supply ordering and inventory control. 

    • Update program policies as needed along with other members of the executive leadership team, and coordinate annual training as needed on Trauma-Informed Care, De-escalation, HIPAA, Cultural Competency, and the Language Access Plan. 

    • Work with the COO to ensure all aspects of Information Technology are operating effectively and efficiently, especially as it relates to the client and staff experience. 

  • Team Management

    • Ensure all staff job descriptions are kept updated. 

    • Work with staff to develop objective performance measurements and to ensure consistent, high-quality evaluation, and goal setting for all employees. 

    • Implement a professional development program to address employee experience and skill gaps.

    • Instill a sense of accountability among team members by modeling proactive oversight of individual and organization performance standards.

    • Assist the COO to recruit, hire, and review staff members.

    • Ensure proper onboarding, orientation, and training of new staff and interns

    • Utilize the RS Personnel Manual and to coordinate resolution of program staff HR questions/issues, alerting the COO as required. 

  • Other Duties 

    • Attend internal and external meetings with ED, COO, or other staff when needed, capture major takeaways, and work with program or administrative teams to ensure follow up. 

    • Engage in root cause analysis, often without prompting from the ED or others, on issues and opportunities that could impact RS.

    • Update the ED on issues during regular meetings, supported with facts and recommendations. 

    • Work collaboratively and use effective communication systems within programs and with other programs and departments like Thelma's Kitchen, RS Fulfillment, and the Development Team. 

    • Promote a positive, supportive, and team-oriented culture within RS.

    • Other duties as assigned. 



  • Highly organized, process-oriented, and design thinking. 

  • Highly-developed written, verbal, and interpersonal communications skills 

  • Strong project management skills managing complex, multi-faceted projects on deadline, resulting in measurable successes and program growth.

  • Strong program outcome/evaluation skills.

  • Proficient in using technology as a management reporting tool and experience working with staff to develop and implement program evaluations systems.

  • Strength in recruiting, hiring, managing, developing, coaching, and retaining individuals and teams, and empowering them to elevate their levels of responsibility and performance. 

  • Able to successfully navigate in a fast-paced environment with confidence and a positive, joyful attitude. 



  • MPA, MBA, MSW, or significant executive leadership experience

  • Minimum of 5 years in nonprofit executive leadership that includes experience with program development and management, operations management, human resources, grants management; or comparable private sector roles in behavioral health, business, or other public sector roles.   

  • Demonstrated success developing, implementing, and evaluating program models and selecting and successfully operationalizing innovative programs. 

  • Must be mission-driven, and a strong advocate for our community and neighbors; a high commitment to economic and racial reconciliation in Kansas City and beyond; and a high degree of cultural competence and a commitment to diversity.   

Job Type: Full Time

Salary Range: $50,000 - 74,999