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Marlborough Community Land Trust Organizing Director

Marlborough Community Coalition
Job Description
Posted 01/06/19
Overview: The mission of the Marlborough Community Coalition is to create a healthy, sustainable, and vibrant community by:
  • Engaging residents, institutions, and businesses
  • Finding innovative solutions to entrenched urban problems and misconceptions
  • Utilizing housing, green space, and the arts as core revitalization approaches
  • Advocating for equitable treatment and resources
With 45% of Marlborough’s homes having one or more substandard housing condition, the lack of quality, affordable housing is a relentless, entrenched community problem. MCC is compelled by it’s mission to engage residents and other partners in finding innovative solutions to this housing crises. A Community Land Trust (CLT) holds land “in trust” for the benefit of the community in order to preserve the affordability of housing on the land permanently while allowing for shared equity accumulation with CLT home buyers.
Description: The Marlborough Community Land Trust Organizing Director ("OD") contract position will begin by February 1, 2019, and is expected to end in July 2019. The information below represents a general description of the residents and pertinent KCMO governmental departments in introductory meetings to raise awareness of the benefits of CLT’s to each partner’s interests
  • Analyze legal, organizational, and operational advantages and disadvantages of various CLT operating structures. Research and prepare draft organizational documents of such structures for discussion and review
  • Prioritize and target areas within Marlborough, and identify specific structures or vacant lots, for short, medium and long-term development in a CLT, along with acquisition plans
  • Manage the creation of initial CLT outreach and marketing materials with the support of creative and graphic design expertise
  • Assist the Marlborough Community Coalition with the creation and implementation of a fundraising  plan, including grant writing, for additional CLT organizing needs and/or for the initial organizational costs for the CLT to begin operation
 Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: Law or paralegal degree from an accredited law school. Minimum of 3 years of experience developing community-based project/program work plans with demonstrated implementation results; Demonstrated experience successfully working with neighborhoods or other groups in an urban or underserved community; Demonstrated knowledge or commitment to fair/affordable housing; Successful experience with leading and working in partnerships among non-profit organizations, for profit businesses and government agencies/agents; Strong verbal and written communication skills; Demonstrated experience drafting bylaws and other corporate formation-documents including preparing the Form 1023; Knowledge of real estate issues unique to low-to-moderate income communities, particularly property title defects and real estate development incentives; Proficiency with Microsoft Word, Power Point and Publisher.

Preferred Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: Knowledge of/familiarity with the initiatives, programs, projects and current activities in the Marlborough community; Experience working with or for a community land trust or other shared equity housing ownership model; Background in financial record keeping and/or utilizing accounting systems such as GoDaddy Bookkeeping, Account Edge Pro, Quick Books Software, etc.; Five (5) years or more working in a non-profit environment with demonstrated ability in grant writing and managing grants.

Interested persons must submit information regarding their qualifications on or before 12PM Friday, January 18, 2019, including but not limited to: a letter of interest, a resume, and the names, phone numbers and relationship to two professional references.
Submit information by mail to: Marlborough Community Land Trust Committee, 1809 E 80th Street
Kansas City, MO 64131 or email information in PDF format to: – Attention: Marlborough Community Land Trust Committee.
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