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Program Manager

Posted: 11/04/2019

Full Time Hours – 11AM to 7PM, Sunday through Thursday with flexibility
Exempt Employee - $40,000/year with full medical, dental, vision, and life insurance benefits.
The Mission Project is a not-for-profit located in Mission, KS, that enables capable adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) to live independently and safely in their community with individualized support. The Mission Project participants live full lives in a supportive community. Family and friends of these adults, as well as dedicated professionals, have joined forces to realize the goals of the project.
Position Purpose:
Position is responsible for working under the direction of the Executive Director, with some collaboration with the Board of Directors and families of the participants, to provide programs and participant support driven by the mission and core values of The Mission Project.
Program Director Duties:

  • Improves quality of participants’ programs and activities to address such core values as health, technology, continuing education, socialization and daily life independence.
  • Collaborates with service providers for consistency and generalization of skills and programming as well as providing them guidance regarding behavioral concerns.
  • Provides family/caregiver training as needed to generalize participants’ skills and independence across environments.
  • Designs and promotes continuing educational opportunities for participants.
  • Assists in improving policies and procedures that affect daily life of participants, including admission criteria, behavioral guidelines, etc.
  • Assist in screening applicants.
Essential Responsibilities:
  • Collaborate with appropriate family liaisons and committees.
  • Facilitate weekly Problem Solvers program (currently on Thursday and Sunday).
  • Manage MPower Health program (schedule, outcomes, communication w/ fitness trainers, provide nutrition classes).
  • Facilitate Strength Club to address healthy relationships and safety (collaboration with MOCSA).
  • Behavioral assessment, modification, support, monitoring ( in collaboration with Behavior Committee)
  • Communicate to family members any safety issues/needs pertaining to their participant.
  • Conduct daily open office hours to assist participants with individual needs and socialization.
  • Coordination and liaison to service providers.
  • Consult on participant care teams related to annual goals & intervention needs.
  • Liaison to community program partners.
  • Collaboration w/ Down Syndrome & Autism communities.
  • Assessment of prospective participants (in collaboration with Admissions and Replication Committees).
  • Orientation/support of new members and participants as related to program opportunities.
  • Assist with the planning, set-up, and completion of all fundraising and awareness events.
Participant Support Duties:
  • Provides needed behavioral interventions to participants in consultation with families, caregivers, and case manager when needed.
  • Assesses participants’ skills (e.g., daily life skills, sensory, behavior, motor, social, assistive technology) if needed to increase independence and to drive intervention.
  • Facilitates weekly Problem Solvers group, providing direct instruction and activities to increase their positive social skills and social connectedness.
  • Support participants’ individual goals in MPower Health program.
  • Provide ongoing training and support with technology as related to email communication, calendar access, and time-management for participants and their family members.
  • Facilitate participant peer leadership opportunities.
  • Support with assistive technology needs as needed in apartments and learning environment.
  • Collaboration w/ Employment Support specialist for integration of job skills instruction in MP programs.
  • Coordinate participant involvement in fundraising events.
  • Consult on aging-in-place ideas needed to support participants (as requested).
  • Inform participant community of available activities in local community.
  • Assist with transition of participants out of our community or to another phase of our service (in collaboration w/successor, case manager, service providers, etc.).
Administrative Duties:
  • Maintain essential activities calendar for Mission Project participants and family members.
  • Maintenance/use of program space/classroom.
  • Program updates to member community at monthly Core Family Meetings and as needed by email.
  • Manage program and activity enrollment.
  • Provide information and photos for posts on social media: participant successes and programs (collaboration with Executive Director).
  • Program/participant content for newsletter.
  • Submit anticipated income/expenses related to programs during annual budget process.
  • Maintain Vacation/Emergency calendar (know which participants/families out of town).
  • Develop approved programming for participants as needed.
  • Assist with and attend all fundraising events, including awareness events throughout the community.
Supervisory Duties:
  • Recruit, screen, and supervise volunteers to assist in programs and activities.
  • Maintain partnership with Occupational Therapy and Social Work programs at Rockhurst and KU, and/or foster new such relationships, for student volunteers.
  • Oversite of contracted employees for additional programming (Community Strong, MPower Health, Art, Drama, etc.).
To perform the job successfully, an individual should have the following education, competencies and experience:
  • Master’s Degree in occupational therapy, social work, special education, psychology or related fields.  Bachelor’s Degree in same fields also accepted with commensurate experience.
  • Related experience required in providing direct service to special needs adults, particularly services and activities to enhance daily independent living skills and behavior.
  • Ability to design and execute duties and responsibilities in collaboration with the Executive Director.
  • Ability to complete complicated work with few precedents, performed independently.
  • Good communication and supervisory skills; carries out an advisory responsibility in accordance with the Mission Project’s policies.
  • Computer proficiency and experience is required.
  • Public speaking on programs w/ participant involvement.

Job Type: Full Time

Salary Range: $30,000 - 49,999