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Homeless Systems Liaison

Missouri Housing Development Commission
Job Description
Posted 03/12/19 
Salary:  $40,000
Benefits:  Generous and affordable benefits including qualified pension plan
Work/Life Balance:  Generous leave time and flexible scheduling available
Student Loans:  MHDC is a Qualifying Employer pursuant to the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program (PSLF)
The Missouri Housing Development Commission (MHDC) is a quasi-governmental, non-profit organization that works to prevent and end homelessness.  MHDC plays a vital role within the  
Missouri Balance of State Continuum of Care, a federal program designed to promote communitywide commitment to the goal of ending homelessness.  The program provides funding for efforts to quickly rehouse homeless individuals and families, promotes access to mainstream programs, and optimizes self-sufficiency amount individuals and families experiencing homelessness.
MHDC is seeking a full-time Homeless Systems Liaison to aid in the coordination and planning of the Missouri Balance of State Continuum of Care program.  The ideal candidate will have prior knowledge of Homeless Systems and Federal Grant Programs, excellent communication skills, a background in community outreach and relationship building, and the ability to adapt to fast-paced environments and rapidly evolving situations.  Professional and technical work in planning and implementing grant-funded programs in accordance with federal requirements is a plus.  
This position will serve as a liaison to MHDC and the Balance of State Continuum of Care Board to provide oversight and support to committees, member agencies, and collaboration and communication with HUD.  The position will perform duties such as:
  • Serve as a liaison to MHDC and the BoS CoC Board of Directors to provide oversight and support to the BoS CoC committees, member agencies, and to collaborate and communicate with HUD
  • Engage community members to encourage new membership with CoC
  • Coordinate BoS CoC planning activities with the Mo BoS CoC Board of Directors
  • Develop marketing and communication strategy and materials
  • Understand and effectively communicate strategies to increase the variety of housing interventions within communities throughout the state
  • Coordinate, plan, and implement the annual statewide Point-In-Time Count in conjunction with Mo BoS CoC
  • Assist in the development and ongoing implementation of the BoS Coordinated Entry system.
  • Provide oversight for the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) CoC) Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA) process including but not limited to developing timelines, training agencies, working with CoC to implement policies specific to the NOFA, assisting rank & review committee, and submitting relevant information on behalf of the CoC in the collaborative application
  • Present and provide relevant information during full CoC meetings, Board meetings, and Committee meetings
  • Facilitate presentations and membership meetings, Mo BoS CoC Board meetings and CoC meetings both virtually and in-person
  • Represent MHDC at meetings, conferences and speaking engagements related to the BoS CoC
This position presents the opportunity for serving your community and engagement in a fast-paced, integrated approach to ending homelessness. 
This position requires a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university and the willingness to travel throughout the state of Missouri.   Travel expenses are paid in addition to salary.
MHDC offers generous benefits including strong work/life balance, generous paid time off, flexible scheduling, downtown location with paid parking, and retirement plans.

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