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Reconciliation Services
Job Description

Posted 04/29/19 

Under the direction of the RS mission and vision, in partnership with the Clinical Manager, and as a part of a multidisciplinary team, the Therapist provides therapy and related clinical services to adult, couple clients, family and group therapeutic services in office and or community.  

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Implements and maintains the REVEAL program's philosophy, principles, and procedures in all facets of performance.

  • Provide services and conduct self in a manner consistent with the profession Code of Ethics.

  • Assess and provide therapy, counseling, intervention and/or education to clients in a professional manner.

  • Provide clinically appropriate treatment based on mental health assessment and treatment plans.

  • Complete timely and accurate documentation. Meet audited tested requirements.

  • Assure continuous reimbursable sessions for assigned clients.

  • Fully participate in staff development opportunities offered to enhance professional growth, especially to maintain license, certification, or identified program performance skills.

  • Participate in planned supervision and case consultation conferences. Come prepared with an agenda and keep supervisor informed.

  • Conduct brief clinical interviews with prospective clients, gather clinical information from the individual/family, and triage the client for continuing services.

  • Assist intake specialist in formulating a diagnostics symptoms impression and make recommendations regarding appropriate level of care.

  • Coordinate services with referral sources, RS treatment team and other community resources to ensure timeliness of treatment services.  

  • Collect information about clients’ physical and mental condition through interviews, observation, and assessments; evaluate clients based on this information.

  • Provide crisis assessments for all walk-in clients experiencing emotional distress and initiate care regime.  Provide all necessary follow up to crisis appointments.

  • Adhere to all access requirements and ethical standards set forth by managed care organizations, State Code, Profession Code of Ethics, and established agency policies.

  • Coordinate with families, probation officers, police, DHS, doctors, and other interested parties in order to exchange necessary information during the treatment process.

  • Refer clients and/or family members to community resources as necessary.

  • Act as client advocate in order to coordinate required services or to resolve emergency problems in crisis situations.

  • Initiate new client charts and quantitative assessments in adherence to State Code and other policies and regulations established by RS.  

  • Maintain confidentiality of records and information related to clients and their treatments.

  • Improve professional skills through continuing education, peer supervision, and individual supervision as needed.

Additional Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Master's degree in Mental Health Counseling, Social Work, Psychology, Marriage and Family,or related field, with a minimum of two years' experience is preferred.
  • Missouri  licensure and insurance credentialed is highly recommended.

  • Support the organization's mission along with sensitivity of cultural and workplace harmony.

  • Planning and time management and strong organizational skills.

  • Management of work processes along with strong computer skills for documentation purposes.

  • Ability to maintain confidential information within HIPAA guidelines and organizational policies.

  • Ability to be flexible especially with scheduling and to perform and prioritize multiple functions and tasks.

  • Communication along with professionalism.

  • Accomplish all tasks as appropriately as assign or requested.

  • Competencies:

  • Social Skills—the individual professionally interacts with employees, client and partner visitors and models a positive teamwork attitude.

  • Problem solving—the individual identifies and resolves problems in a timely manner and gathers and analyzes information skillfully.

  • Leadership—the individual inspires and motivates others to perform well, accepts feedback from others.

  • Quality management—the individual looks for ways to improve and promote quality and demonstrates accuracy and thoroughness.

  • Judgment—the individual displays willingness to make decisions, exhibits sound, accurate, and ethical judgment and makes timely decisions.

  • Planning/organizing—the individual prioritizes and plans work activities, uses time efficiently and develops realistic action plans.

  • Safety and security—the individual observes safety and security procedures and uses equipment and materials properly.  Interpersonal skills—the individual maintains confidentiality, remains open to others’ ideas and exhibits willingness to try new things.

  • Oral communication—the individual speaks clearly and persuasively in positive or negative situations and demonstrates one-on-one and group presentation skills.

  • Written communication—the individual edits work for spelling and grammar, presents data effectively and is able to read and interpret written information.

  • Experience and Education:

  • Master’s degree in Social Work (LSW and or LMHC preferred), Knowledge of electronic medical records,  

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