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Thank You Principal Snipes!

The halls of Faxon Elementary bustle with activity. Amidst it all, Principal Kathleen Snipes cuts a confident and noticeable figure. In her day to day role as Principal of Faxon Elementary, she touches the lives of over 300 students and more than 55 Front Porch Alliance volunteers. Recently, Principal Snipes announced her retirement from Kansas City Public Schools (KCPS), closing this chapter of a 30 year career in education.

Principal Snipes joined the Front Porch Alliance family in July 2012. Over lunch, she met with Charlotte Davison and Jill Coughlin to learn more about Partners Active in Learning (PALs). Our longest running program, PALs uses intergenerational mentorship and tutoring to supplement classroom learning and help students gain confidence in Math and Reading. For PALs and students, weekly visits are often the highlight of their week! Asked about a favorite moment or story, Principal Snipes noted, “10 years of kind-hearted stories fill my brain. I can’t pick just one!”

According to Charlotte Davison, “I've seen the school blossom under her leadership, the staff increase and stabilize, the atmosphere of the school become more vibrant, and growth in student performance increase. I consider her my boss at Faxon, supporting and helping to direct the PALs' work with her students.” When she saw how well PALs supported her teachers and students, Principal Snipes threw her support behind the program. Great teachers drew Principal Snipes to her career in education, and we are glad her support of student learning extended beyond the classroom.

In retirement, Principal Snipes looks forward to more time with family and friends, though she did note she’ll continue to see our PALs. “Funny story…one of our PALs has a place at the same lake. I see him at the local Farmer’s Market!”

“Thank you, Kathleen,” said Charlotte, “for your grace and respect for the PALs and their work with your students. You show respect for your students, parents, teachers, staff, and community. You've made Faxon a far better school than when you came. I hope you have many happy hours ahead of you with a fishing pole in your hands and time with your family. The PALs and I will miss you but are looking forward to seeing what your next chapter will be! We are confident you will be making a difference in whatever you choose to do.”


Principal Snipes, thank you for your years of service to KCPS, Front Porch Alliance, our PALs program, and the Eastside! We wish you the best in the next chapter of your life.


If you would like to volunteer as a PAL, please contact Hanna Hochstetler, Youth Programs Coordinator:
  Phone: 816-921-8812

   Email: YouthJourneys@FrontPorchAlliance.Org

Front Porch Alliance works together with residents of Kansas City’s Eastside and urban core to meet their changing needs at home and in school.