Volunteer at Science City's Newest Exhibit- Let's Play!
Help create a magical experience for babies, crawlers, toddlers and their caregivers!

**Interested volunteers must submit an application at UnionStation.org/volunteers**

Position Summary:
 The Let’s Play Greeter is one of the many faces of Science City and is the first person guests engage with when they arrive at one of our newest areas, created specifically for children ages 0 through 3. The tasks of this position includes: greeting guests with a friendly smile; answering questions; and most importantly, keeping an accurate count of the number of guests in the area, both to maximize guest experience as well maintain capacity to meet fire code. The Greeter plays in important role in the overall experience our youngest guests and their caregivers have while at Science City.


Qualifications: Previous experience providing customer service is preferred for this position. In addition:

  • Must be approachable, have a pleasant demeanor and a positive attitude.
  • Good communication skills and enjoy communicating with children, especially babies and toddlers and their caregivers.
  • Working knowledge of exhibits and attractions inside Science City as well as across Union Station.
  • Ability to learn and understand the venue.
  • Ability to work with crowds and remain calm in difficult or stressful situations.

Description of Duties:

  • Greet guests as they enter Let’s Play and ensure the child is not yet 4 years of age. Siblings over 4 are allowed in if they promise to be a good big brother or sister or sit and read quietly.
  • Answer questions regarding Union Station and its exhibits and attractions.

Volunteer Shifts:

  • Tuesday - Saturday: 10:00am-1:30pm; 1:30pm-5:00pm
  • Sunday: 12:00pm-5:00pm
  • Monday (holidays and summer hours): 10:00am-1:30pm; 1:30pm-5:00pm

Science City OverviewScience City at Union Station, Kansas City, is a dynamic, hands-on science center featuring more than 300 individual interactive exhibits and daily programming. Kids of all ages experience the amazing world of science first-hand through fun and engaging exhibits and programs. In addition to changing monthly themes and daily programs/activities open to all guests, Science City (SC) offers onsite curriculum-based programs to K-12 school groups, outreach programs and an 8-week science summer camp. STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education is at the core of everything that happens in SC, be it exhibits, demonstrations, shows, presentations or special events and programs. Annually, more than 325,000 guests visit Science City. Visit www.sciencecity.com for more information.

Contact Information
phone: (816) 460-2020
Offer Begins: March 14, 2020
Board Member - Heartland Chamber Music
Heartland Chamber Music
Heartland Chamber Music’s focus is twofold: CHAMBER MUSIC and OUTREACH


Heartland Chamber Music will celebrate its 20th Anniversary in 2021. HCM has served more than 5,000 students ages 3-76 and presented more than 200 concerts throughout the past 20 years through year-round and summer programming.


HCM’s newest program, String Sprouts is an El Sistema-based program whose mission is to effect social change through music for children with the fewest resources and the greatest need. Sprouts provides free instruments and 32 weeks of lessons for children ages 3-8. We currently serve students in three Kansas City public school districts on both sides of the state line.


We have a dynamic Board chair and a diverse and committed group of board of directors. This is an exciting time to make a significant difference in your community as we expand our Board of Directors.


Are you inspired by:

music as an art form and an educational tool?

being proactive instead of reactive to the effects poverty has on academic success?

bringing chamber music concerts to underserved communities?

If so, we are looking for Board members with a love of music!

if interested please e-mail Kathy Cook at kcook@heartlandchambermusic.org.
Contact Information
Offer Valid: February 22, 2021June 30, 2021
Board Member for the Northland Symphony Orchestra
Help support the arts in Kansas City!
The Northland Symphony Orchestra is looking for interested ones to join the board of directors. 

 Our organization includes a professional/student/community symphony orchestra that perform five concerts per season, as well as two youth ensembles - The Metropolitan Youth Orchestra and Metropolitan Youth Sinfonia - that perform three concerts per season. We play a wide variety of quality classic symphonic literature for every music-lover. Our concerts are informal, family friendly and always without charge.

 Our mission is threefold:

  • Accessibility- We've always prided ourselves for providing quality musical performances without charge to those who otherwise might not have the opportunity or resources to enjoy the works of great composers.
  • Opportunity- We provide student and community musicians with the opportunity to maintain their skills and broaden their musical horizons by performing quality orchestral music with seasoned musicians.

  • Education- We’re committed to providing performance opportunities for young choral and instrumental musicians, instilling an appreciation of the arts’ importance within our diverse community.

 Responsibilities of a board member include:
  • Advancing the mission of NSO
  • Attending board meetings, concerts, and fundraisers
  • Participating in the planning and execution of NSO events
  • Acting as an ambassador of the organization to the public

Those interested in joining the board of directors should contact Paige Buckmaster at pbuckmaster@northlandsymphony.org.
Contact Information
phone: (816) 945-2436
Offer Valid: August 1, 2020June 30, 2022
Board of Directors
Organization Name: Urban Ranger Corps
Mission Statement: The mission of the Urban Ranger Corps is to help prepare at-risk inner-city youth for responsible and productive futures through a program of disciplined work experience and service in their community; leadership development; and individualized planning for post-High School careers. 
Type of Organization: Youth Development
We are looking for someone with expertise in: We are seeking community leaders to assist and advise URC with legal advice, Legal, Marketing and Fundraising
Desired industry affiliations or community connections: Legal, marketing and event planning, social media
What is the designated term for board service? Three-year term with a maximum of two terms.
How often does the board meet?
The board meets six times a year on the third Monday of the month.
What personal or financial contribution is expected of each board member? Board members are expected to fund raise for the organization through personal giving or leveraging of personal connections and networks, serve on one board committee and attend and support URC fundraising events and other activities. 
Any additional board expectations:
Our organization carries directors and officers (D&O) liability insurance – yes or no.
Contact Information:
If interested contact Erik Dickinson, President, via email at erik.dickinson@urckc.org
Contact Information
phone: (816) 333-6455
Offer Valid: February 22, 2021April 30, 2021
Board Prospects
Board of Directors
Need for a Board
The Beginning of New Hope is currently overseen by an active board composed of family members. As the housing market changes things continue to evolve, the owners and management value the decisions of an independent perspective and ideas from their industries into strategic decision making. The directors will further clarify and segregate the role of management and ownership. The owner sees the addition of independent directors and the next phase in the evolution of the board.
As the organization transition from a second-generation organization in which all family members participated in the management and are onboard to a third-generation business with several shareholders who are involved, the oversight provided by an independent board is valued. Owners expect directors to consider and represent the owners’ interests, formulated and monitor and log-term strategic agenda, ensure effective decision-making processes within the business, and serve as advisors to the CEO.
Board Responsibilities
The Beginning of New Hope seeks seasoned board members who will have an immediate impact on the business. The board members are expected to share their insights and ideas, and to push questions management thinking. A culture of open discussion and debate is always encouraged. Specific responsibilities of the board include:
  • Review Company performance and identify issues that need to be addressed
  • Hold management accountable to achieving strategic, operating, and financial objectives.
  • Evaluate strategic alternatives, including acquisitions and divestitures, diversification opportunities, and new revenue streams.
  • Review, evaluate and approve the strategic plan.
  • Review and approve operating and capital budgets.
  • Make capital allocation decisions across various enterprises
  • Bring new ideas to the table and share insights form other industries.
  • Ensure that owners clarify their vison and objectives in order to provide context for board decision making.
  • Ensure a strong management team is in place.
  • Enforce appropriate board role and responsibilities, meeting agenda, preparation, facilitation, and evaluation to ensure the board operates effectively.
Board Structure and Commitment
The board is currently comprised of the CEO, two owners in management positions and are nonemployee owners. The owners would like to add four independent directors to join these
Owners. The board meets four times per year, for four quarterly meetings and a strategic planning and budget approval meeting in December. All meetings are held telecommunicate phone, and zoom. Directors will stand annually for election at the April shareholder meeting. Owners hope board members will commit for a minimum of two to three years at outset, subject to annual approval by shareholders. Directors will be Volunteers and require make donation of $200.00 per meeting. The Company provides sufficient insurance coverage in Addition to the indemnification through its corporate bylaws and Articles of incorporation.
Contact Information
phone: (816) 299-7577
Offer Begins: February 1, 2021
GUILDit Art/Biz - Board Member Opportunity
Be a part of GUILDit's growing board to lend expertise in human resources, strategy, communications, nonprofits, leadership, project management, event planning, public relations, ….

About GuildIt
For the past 5 years, GUILDit has hosted an array of artists who present their business to an audience, for a healthy dose of brainstorming on business solutions. Diversity is a core value.

Monthly forums with workshops, panels, lectures, speed networking, art shows, and other business-building events dispersed throughout the year.

Forums/Workshops Are Once A Month
4th Thursday, 12-1pm, online or at the Kemper Museum

Board Description Highlights  Help build a strong direction and foundation for GuildIt
- 6 board meetings a year with 2 that can be missed (most will have a video/call-in option)
- 9-11 board members with 2 committees (committees can have non-board members)
- The 2 committees are Strategic and Sustaining, which meet at least 5 times a year

- Attend at least 3 of our forums or other events per year
- Total hour commitment of ~35 hours a year
- Two-year terms with elections staggered to assure continuity of board experience
- Give/Get will vary between executives, managers, industries, artists, and sole proprietors

Want to explore becoming a member? Please submit your resume or link to your LinkedIn Profile to Susana Bruhn at be@guildit.org. Thanks.

Contact Information
Offer Valid: April 5, 2021October 4, 2021
Jackson County Historical Society Board of Director Openings
Board, Board of Directors, History, Jackson County,
The Jackson County Historical Society seeks individuals who are engaging, innovative, and stewards of history to join our diverse and active Board of Directors. The Board of Directors purpose is to uphold the mission of the Society and oversee operations of the 1859 Jail, Marshal's Home and Museum on the Historic Independence Square. Our office and archives are located in the Historic Truman Courthouse in Independence, Missouri. An interested candidate for our Board of Directors should be able to bring either financial, networking, events, or archival/museum/history profession experience to be successful.

The Board of Directors meets the last Thursday of each month from 5:30pm to 7pm. Currently we meet via Zoom call.

Board of Directors must be active members of the Society - annual memberships can be purchased at www.jchs.org/membership

A directors agrees to serve on at least one committee.

A director's term is 2 to 3 years depending on vacancy willing to fill. Terms may be repeated up to two consecutive terms with Officer promotion available. Officers serve two year terms.

If a director fails to attend 3 consecutive meetings without excuse, their resignation may be asked by the Board.

A director should be responsive to email communication from Executive Committee members and the Executive Director.

Contact Information
phone: (816) 461-1897
Offer Valid: March 26, 2021April 30, 2021
Join our Board (Help Support the Arts)
Help underserved youth access arts opportunities and services
The specific responsibilities may vary due to the mission focus and different phases of an organization’s existence, the basic role and purpose of all nonprofit boards remain the same. There are legal, ethical, and practical reasons to build a board when a nonprofit is created. How can you make a difference? Non-profits require strong organizational skills and structure, and this structure is usually put into place by a nonprofit board of directors.

Board members will be expected to adhere to their fiduciary responsibilities to Creative Emajination's. Additionally, each Board member is expected to publicly support the mission of Creative Emajination's and will be publicly recognized as a member through-out the term. Must be able to commit to a one year term with the option to renew after for two years.
Contact Information
phone: (816) 394-3079
KC Area Conservation NGO Seeking Hands-on Board Members (American Wolf Foundation)
American Wolf Foundation was formed in 2018 in Kansas City with a primary goal of conserving the most endangered wolf in the world, the American red wolf (Canis rufus). Historically native to Missouri and the Southeast, this species has dwindled to only 8 known wolves in the wild. Our current efforts are focused on helping double the captive breeding population to around 500, which is what the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service says is necessary for the species' genetic diversity and before any further reintroductions into the wild. This requires adding 50 new enclosures at existing and prospective breeding facilities, each of which can cost tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars. To achieve this goal, in November 2019, we launched our Red Wolf Enclosure Campaign and are fundraising to provide small $5,000 grants to breeding facilities. We are preparing to issue our first grants by March 31, 2021, and will need to enhance our fundraising to provide additional grants. We have a lofty goal of providing thirty (30) $5,000 grants, as currently only 20 of the 50 enclosures necessary are secured.

As a relatively new non-profit, we need active Board members willing to be hands-on and do some or any of the following things:

  • social media and public relations

  • fundraising

  • grant-writing

  • website enhancements

  • event planning

  • organization recordkeeping

  • recruiting additional Board members

We will take any good help we can get! Financial contributions for board members are $10/mo. or $120/yr. We request a 3 year commitment, but are negotiable. Nonprofit experience a plus, but not required. Board experience not necessary.
Contact Information
phone: (816) 873-1787
Theatre Advisory Council Member for Johnson County Park and Recreation’s Theatre in the Park
Theatre in the Park (TIP) is the largest outdoor community theatre in the country! We are seeking community leaders from across the region to assist and advise TIP with fundraising, programming, and promotion of TIP activities.
The Theatre in the Park Advisory Council (TAC) endeavors to gather a group of diverse personalities and backgrounds from across the Kansas City Metro area to advise and assist Theatre in the Park (TIP) with fundraising, programming, and promotion of TIP activities.

The financial obligation of each council member involves a $500 total donation (which may be in any way that supports TIP). Council members also serve as an advocates on behalf of TIP to JCPRD and to the community at large.

The TAC meets monthly, except during the summer months. All members are encouraged to attend all TIP Indoor and Outdoor productions and serve as ushers when needed.

Generally, council members begin their term on January 1 each year. However, applications may be submitted at any time during the year.
Offer Valid: January 1, 2021December 31, 2021
Women’s Music Network Board Member
Music organization seeking community leaders to join our working board to achieve our mission of supporting and growing female-identifying musicians in the local and global industry.
The Kansas City Women’s Music Network (KCWMN) is a group of people aimed at expanding the capacity of KCWMN by supporting the organization with fundraising, events, networking, and strategic partnerships. The Board will consist of volunteer community members. The goals of KCWMN Board are to raise awareness about KCWMN to a broader demographic through planning events (remote until in-person events are deemed safe) and creating partnerships, raising funds for the organization, and to educate and cultivate potential new governing Board Members. If you have questions, please contact Amanda O’Brien at aobrien@kcwomen.org
We are in search of new board members who are passionate about supporting us to achieve our mission of supporting female-identifying musicians across the Kansas City area, through events, education, promotion, and networking.   
If you’re interested in applying for the KCWMN Board, please send a bio/resume to info@kcwomen.org for our Nominating Committee to review. 
  • The primary purpose of the board is to provide fundraising support to the organization. A personal contribution of $120 is required to fulfill our bylaws and for the organization to be eligible for certain grants. 
  • Willing to serve no more than two consecutive three-year terms as an elected member (or serve some portion thereof if appointed to fill the remainder of a vacant, unexpired term)
  • Committed to attending 10 board meetings per year, which are held Monday evenings at 6:30pm, the third week of each month, excluding November and December
    • The 2021 schedule is as follows:
    • January 18, February 15, March 15, April 19, May 17, June 21, July 19, August 16, September 20, October 18
  • Willing to actively participate in one or more committees and carry out appropriate assignments outside of monthly board meetings
  • Willing to serve as an officer of the board or in other leadership roles
  • Willing to provide reports on KCWMN activities and board meetings
  • Agrees to record volunteer hours each month and submit records to Volunteer Services Coordinator
  • Attend as many KCWMN and KCWMN-sponsored public events as possible
  • Acts as an ambassador for the KCWMN in a formal and informal capacity throughout the community
Targeted functions and networking for board candidates: 
  • Legal secretary to hold office of secretary
  • CPA/Accountant to hold the office of treasurer
  • Grant Writing experience
  • Printing - T-shirt’s, paper goods, promotional material
  • Advertising venues - Web and print
  • Social Media content creation  
  • Large Venues - For annual conference (pending a safe return to in-person events)
  • Small Venues - For recurring small group meetups and board meetings (pending a safe return to in-person events)
If you’re interested in applying for the KCWMN Board, please send a bio/resume to info@kcwomen.org for our Nominating Committee to review. 
Contact Information
phone: (816) 508-5796
Offer Valid: January 1, 2021December 31, 2021
Video Tech Volunteer
Photo/Video Peeps please Inquire
The Sewing Labs is seeking a Video Technology Volunteer  who can assist our teachers in the classroom with virtual on-line classes and video production technology needs. The Sewing Labs has COVID precautions and protocols in place to keep our community safe. We check temperatures to all who enter and require masks, distancing and limited capacity based on current KC requirements.
  • Assist with sound, switching, lighting, and set-up.
  • Produce video content in support of the classroom and on-line classes.
  • Edit digital video from raw files to finished work.
  • Capture b-roll for events.
  • Distribute video throughout various web & social media channels.
  • Organize and archive video assets.
Our Mission: The Sewing Labs is an inclusive and welcoming community teaching the legacy of sewing for employment, entrepreneurship, and enrichment.
The Sewing Labs is seeking a Video Technology Volunteer to assist our teachers in online classes with videos, cameras, lighting, switching and computer technology.  
  • Learn how to create content for a non-profit organization.
  • Learn how video marketing impacts fundraising.
  • Learn applications of video in various social media for non-profit growth.
  • Learn how to coordinate all areas of video editing.
RESPONSIBILITIES: The Sewing Labs is seeking an individual to assist with on-line video classes in our classroom.  We are seeking someone with strong visual and editing skills to shoot and edit together new content for our organization.
12-20 hours per week. Editing can be completed virtually.
COMPENSATION: This is a volunteer or unpaid internship opportunity. Role may qualify for college credit if internship.
EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS: Looking for a candidate either undergraduate or graduate with a background in film, photography, communications. Candidates must prove DSLR experience with videography experience (whether personal or professional).
REPORTS TO: Operations Manager
MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: • Knowledge of audio/video recording and postproduction.
 • Final Cut, Adobe Premiere, or background in other video editing software.
• The ability and desire to work in a non-profit, community environment
• The desire to meet and exceed measurable performance goals
• A fanatical attention to detail
 • Ability to be a team player (Collaboration!)
• Energetic, compassionate, enthusiastic individual with an appreciation for creativity and making encouraged to inquire.
Contact Information
phone: (816) 888-3051
Offer Valid: January 4, 2021December 31, 2021
Advisory Council Member
Serve your community, support those seeking employment and entrepreneurship in a distinctive way.
The Advisory Council serves as a critical community champion of The Sewing Labs. Members of the Advisory Council share their gifts in service to our mission yet have no governing function within the organization. As an Advisory Council member, you will work with The Sewing Labs Executive Director and the Board of Directors to support fundraising efforts for the organization.
Advisory Council members understand the mission:
The Sewing Labs is an inclusive and welcoming community that teaches the legacy of sewing for employment, entrepreneurship, and enrichment.
We focus on individuals who find themselves in at-risk situations, yet welcome everyone.
 Advisory Council members act as ambassadors for The Sewing Labs to promote and raise awareness of the organization. Advisory Council members shall limit activities to advising on matters that directly concern the organization’s programs, fundraising efforts, and community awareness. Advisory Council Members are encouraged to apply for Board Positions with The Sewing Labs when board positions become available.

The Advisory Council member shall:
  • Possess diverse skills, backgrounds, and experiences to support The Sewing Labs.
  • Provide board and management with objective opinions about the organization.
  • Provide input, skills, and knowledge towards specific projects supporting The Sewing Labs.
  • Attend regularly scheduled Advisory Council meetings, either in person or virtually.
  • Follow up on tasks assigned by council chairman or Executive Director
Specific scope of work of the Advisory Council member include the following:
  • Identify program resources, technical assistance, and marketing resources.
  • Identify possible funding sources and potential partnerships.
  • Make connections to local resources, colleagues, or peers for the Executive Director
  • philanthropic support or other forms of needed assistance
  • Assess the impact of programs, projects, and events.
  • There are no term limits, but at least one year is expected.
  • Serve as ad hoc member on short-term committees for events such as, fundraisers.
  • Serve as an advocate and ambassador to promote The Sewing Labs.
Time Commitment
  • Attend and participate in Advisory Council meetings.
  • Potential for 2–3 hours per month dependent upon needs.
  • Attend a minimum of 3 meetings a year.
  • Stay informed of the plans, activities and needs of The Sewing Labs.
  • Allow The Sewing Labs to publicize council members’ names and participation in print and web.
  • Support The Sewing Labs mission in a significant way throughout the year, this may include:
    • Providing expert advice.
    • Making introductions/opening doors to constituents and potential donors.
    • Co-chairing, promoting, and attending events or hosting special gatherings or fundraisers.
    • Securing budget-relieving philanthropic gifts of any kind.
Contact Information
phone: (816) 888-3051
Offer Valid: November 16, 2020April 30, 2021
Harmony Park Revitalization
The Salvation Army is teaming up with the KC Parks Department and the Independence Plaza Neighborhood Council to revitalize Harmony Park this summer! Join us on July 17 to clean, landscape and enhance this cherished neighborhood park. Volunteers will be thanked with a meal and appreciation concert with local artist Madisen Ward! Email Amy Warren at amy.warren@usc.salvationarmy.org if you'd like to take part in this project to support our community.
Contact Information
phone: (816) 729-1891
Offer Valid: July 17, 2021July 17, 2021
Help Feed Hungry People in YOUR Community
Rescue Fruits & Veggies at Farms Near Kansas City


Rise and shine and bring your family and friends, corporate co-workers and congregations, groups and organizations to glean (harvest what’s left over) with After the Harvest. Together, you’ll rescue fruits and vegetables from farms, orchards and gardens. Then, we deliver the produce fresh from the field-you can help do that too if you can!-to pantries, kitchens and shelters feeding our hungry neighbors.

With morning weekday and some weekend gleaning events, from May through November-sometimes earlier and sometimes later depending on the weather and growing season-you’re sure to find a fit. All are welcome, including children of any age, who get to see how our food grows and where it comes from.

Please note: Gleanings are within 30-45 minutes of downtown Kansas City. We’ll contact you the week of your gleaning (sometimes up to the day before) with where and what you’ll be harvesting, based on what our growers tell us is available.

  • Our regular gleaning dates are Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday mornings with occasional last-minute gleanings occurring on other days of the week. You can sign up for a planned gleaning shift directly on our Volunteer Calendar.

  • Our gleanings usually begin at 7:30am and last for approximately three hours. Each gleaning is dependent on what is ready to pick and which farmers have extra for us to glean and provide to hungry people in the area. Sometimes we know specifics a week in advance, sometimes a day, but we do know that we’ll be harvesting, so you’ll see postings just stating that we’ll be gleaning "produce" at a nearby farm. We’ll post and e-mail the details as the date approaches.

  • After the gleaning, you'll have an opportunity to deliver the produce to one of our pantries or food agencies (our volunteers tell us this is often the most rewarding part of their experience).

In compliance with CDC and local health guidelines regarding COVID-19, we are implementing the following rules for all volunteer events. Violation of any rule will result in immediate dismissal from the event:

  • Volunteers must not exhibit any signs of illness currently or within the last 14 days
  • Volunteers must not have traveled outside of Kansas or Missouri in the last 14 days.
  • All volunteers older than two years must wear a facemask for the duration of the event. Homemade cloth masks and handkerchiefs are acceptable.
  • Volunteers from different households must maintain at least 6 feet of distance at all times.
  • Disposable food safety gloves should be worn when packing produce. We will provide disposable gloves for anyone who needs them.
  • All volunteers are required to complete an electronic waiver form before entering the field. Volunteers who have not completed the waiver will not be allowed to participate.
Contact Information
phone: (816) 921-1903
Offer Valid: February 19, 2021November 30, 2021
Produce Rescue Driver Needed -- Bring fresh fruits, veggies in KC area to hungry people
Bring Fresh Fruits & Veggies to Hungry People in Kansas City

At After the Harvest, we glean excess produce from farm fields, but also pick up already harvested excess produce from farms, farm stands and farmers’ markets and deliver it to food banks (like Harvesters) and pantries to feed hungry people.

We also need lead volunteers who will "Adopt-a-Market" for the season on a rotating schedule. (For example, pick-up at City Market every 1st and 3rd Sunday, or pick-up at Overland Park Farmers' Market every 2nd Saturday). Each Lead Produce Rescue Driver will receive special training and packaging at the beginning of the season. Additional one-time volunteers will be matched with a Lead Produce Rescue Driver to help with pick-up and delivery to nearby food agencies.

We currently pick up at the following Farmers Markets through October:

  • Brookside
  • Overland Park
  • City Market
  • Lenexa
  • Parkville
  • Merriam
  • Lee's Summit
  • Unity Village

If you have a vehicle that can haul produce, and you have a heart to help those in need...ATH can sure use your help! Pick up donated produce every week or periodically from farms, markets and distributors. Bring the kids and make the experience come full circle by delivering to food banks, pantries, shelters and community kitchens in the Greater Kansas City area.

Other opportunities:

  • Your organization/group wants to glean? Reserve your date now.
  • You want to lead a gleaning? We always need field supervisors.
  • You want us to come speak to your organization? We’d love to meet you!

After the Harvest has a very small staff, so we only succeed because of volunteers like you! Thanks so much for helping rescue fresh, nutritious produce to feed those in need.

You can sign up for a Market or planned gleaning shift directly on our Volunteer Calendar.

In compliance with CDC and local health guidelines regarding COVID-19, we are implementing the following rules for all volunteer events.

  • Volunteers must not exhibit any signs of illness currently or within the last 14 days.

  • Volunteers must not have traveled outside of Kansas or Missouri in the last 14 days.

  • All volunteers older than 2 years must wear a face mask for the duration of the event. Homemade cloth masks and handkerchiefs are acceptable.

  • Volunteers from different households must maintain at least 6 feet of distance at all times.

  • All volunteers are required to complete an electronic waiver form before entering the field. Volunteers who have not completed the waiver will not be allowed to participate.

Contact Information
phone: (816) 921-1903
Offer Valid: February 19, 2021December 1, 2021
Special Event Committee Member
Donate your time and talents to help bring dynamic events to life...
The KC Shepherd's Center has openings on two new event planning committees, the 70 over 70 gala which honors older adults in our community still doing great things and are actively engaged and KC Rakes which is a city-wide yard cleanup for older adults and requires great coordination and hundreds of volunteers.

Both opportunities offer leadership opportunities.  The committees meet monthly until close to the event, but some work must be done outside the monthly meetings.

For more information on the KC Shepherd's Center visit us at kcshepherdscenter.org or call Terri at 816-293-9614.  
Contact Information
phone: (816) 293-9614
Offer Valid: April 21, 2021December 31, 2021
Vaccine Clinic Volunteers
Every Shot Matters - Make the Difference Today

Join Heart to Heart International (HHI) to assist with vaccination efforts across the Kansas City metro! 

We are looking for: 

  • Vaccinators: Vaccinators are licensed medical professionals who can prepare and administer vaccine, as well as observe those who have received the vaccine.
  • Logistics: Logistics volunteers serve in a variety of capacities to ensure a smooth vaccine clinic. From set-up, collecting forms and managing traffic flow, these volunteers are critical to the success of each clinic.

Volunteers may serve at a number of organizations around Kansas City. Scheduling will depend on the specific vaccine clinic, and volunteers can sign up for clinics at their own availability. All volunteers must wear medical-grade masks, which will be provided. At this time, HHI cannot guarantee a vaccination for volunteers. 

Click here to apply directly at our website and help us to improve community health! 

Offer Valid: April 7, 2021August 31, 2021
Relay for Life Event Leadership Team
Help us attack cancer!
Are you passionate about fighting ALL types of cancer? Would you like an opportunity to network with like minded individuals while giving back? If so, joining one of our Relay for Life Event Leadership Teams will be a great fit for you!

The Relay for Life Event Leadership Team is a crucial group of volunteers for the American Cancer Society who plan and implement Relay for Life events in their community. There are two events in the Kansas City metro-- Jo-Dotte (Johnson/Wyandotte county) and KC North. Both of these events need members of the Event Leadership Team. 

The time commitment for these teams varies monthly. For 9 months of the year it's a couple of hours for a monthly meeting. Then around the time of the event the amount of time may increase slightly and then the actual event is generally six hours on a Saturday evening. 

Please feel free to reach out to Ashton Wells (ashton.wells@cancer.org) with any questions! 
Contact Information
Offer Valid: February 1, 2021December 31, 2021
Volunteer at Lakemary
Growing Community Together
Since our founding in 1969, Lakemary has looked to the open hearts and dedication of the community in which it is nestled to help us provide a multitude of opportunities for adults and children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and other intellectual/developmental disabilities.

Because Lakemary offers so many programs and services to the residents and students we serve, there are many volunteer opportunities available that require a varied range of skills, certifications, and preparation. We split these opportunities into two basic classifications: Single visit volunteers will assist Lakemary staff with operational tasks or attend special events where they will be assigned to a team or task by the Volunteer Coordinator. Interactions with individuals served will be supervised by Lakemary’s trained staff

Ongoing volunteers will work directly with the adults or children on our campuses. In these positions, you may be asked to coach, teach, mentor, chaperone, or share a skill/experience with one individual or a group. In many cases, these interactions will be supervised by our trained staff

We know it takes a special person to volunteer and the generous work of people such as yourself ultimately allows us to fulfill our mission to provide an array of services, programs, housing, and valuable experiences for the individuals we serveTo learn more about how to volunteer or to sign up for a current opportunity, give our Volunteer Coordinator a call at (913) 557-4000!
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phone: (913) 557-4000
Volunteer for Harvesters Mobile Food Distribution at Don Bosco

Don Bosco hosts Harvesters Mobile Food Distribution every 2nd Friday of the month, where we need volunteers from 1:30pm to 4pm to help us distribute food to families in need. It occurs outside in Don Bosco's parking lot, where families either drive or walkthrough. We accept adults and youth ages 12 and up. If you are under 16, we ask that you have a parent or guardian with you.

Masks are required. If you do not have your own, we will have some available in addition to gloves and hand sanitizer.

We would not be able to do this work and reach as many people without volunteers, so we would greatly appreciate it if you could help out!

If you're interested, please sign up through this link: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/904054EAFA92DA2FD0-harvesters

Contact Information
phone: (816) 691-2900
Grant Writers
Seeking Grant Writer for Smiles and Kuts Foundation
Smiles and Kuts Foundation is seeking grant writers. We are growing and would like to find someone that is passionate about helping the youth of Kansas City. If you have the knowledge of researching and writing grants please contact us as soon as possible. 
Contact Information
phone: (816) 838-0101
Offer Valid: January 14, 2021December 31, 2021
Uncover KC - Development Committee Member
Passionate Volunteer Needed!

Uncover KC creates positive social impact through community engagement. We achieve that by establishing unique, creative connections with people and organizations to facilitate volunteerism, education and events.

We thrive on making connections within the Kansas City community and are so excited to be expanding our volunteer committees! Currently, we are seeking a *development & grant writing volunteer to come on board our team and offer their volunteer services. 

Duties would consist of helping manage donors, and donor communication. 

If you are interested in getting involved with your Kansas City community, and utilizing your strengths, contact us today! 

*This position requires four volunteer hours a month. 

Contact Information
phone: 816-721-5529
Offer Valid: February 1, 2021May 1, 2021
Uncover KC - Events Outreach Committee Member
Passionate Volunteer Needed!

Uncover KC creates positive social impact through community engagement. We achieve that by establishing unique, creative connections with people and organizations to facilitate volunteerism, education and events.

We thrive on making connections within the Kansas City community and are so excited to be expanding our volunteer committees! Currently, we are seeking an *events outreach volunteer to come on board our team and offer their volunteer services. 

Duties would consist of helping manage events, and community outreach. 

If you are interested in getting involved with your Kansas City community, and utilizing your strengths contact us today! 

*This position requires four volunteer hours a month. 

Contact Information
phone: 816-721-5529
Offer Valid: February 1, 2021May 1, 2021
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