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Center for Conflict Resolution


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About Us

We teach people how to get along.

Conflict Resolution Training and Mediation for Individuals, Families, in Schools, Neighborhoods and Prisons.

Restorative Justice or Healing Justice processes that include people who harmed, people who were harmed and other people affected by the harm in conversations that build human connections. Participants co-create plans for restitution, meeting needs of everyone involved and changed behavior.

Children, youth and adults in Schools learn Conflict Resolution Skills and Restorative Practices. Accountability, Dignity and Empathy are key.

Neighbors and Families solve issues with each other in respectful, facilitated process to solve conflict without violence.

Women and men in prison and those returning to their communities from prison gain skills to resolve conflict peacefully with family members, friends and in the workplace to increase success. Family group conferences aid participants to make plans for support in difficult transitions