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A marketplace just for nonprofits.

The Nonprofit Marketplace connects nonprofits with resources and opportunities in the community. Organizations, businesses and individuals can post an offer free of charge, but the information needs to be for an opportunity or resource specifically benefiting nonprofit organizations.

Potential offers include: spaces or items for rent, free or discounted materials or equipment, funding or fundraising opportunities, calls for nominations for awards or contests, and survey participation.

Nonprofit Connect members can submit their offers by clicking Submit New Post.
Non-members can fill out the Submission Form, which will be approved and posted by Nonprofit Connect.

Nonprofit Marketplace

 Looking for a space to host your next event or seminar? Look no further! The newly renovated Don Bosco Community Center is located in the heart of Columbus Park, just minutes from the Historic City Market. Our gymnasium doubles as an event space. It has a

Applications from the Ira K. Witschner Charitable Trust are now being accepted. Funding may be requested by charitable nonprofit organizations, whose primary purpose is the education or welfare of impoverished children located in Kansas City. The funds must aid in the education of youth. Education of youth shall include aid in either lower grades of school or aid in university education.

We love our nonprofits! Enjoy 25% off of our rental rates to host your event at PH Coffee or the Social Gallery

Nearly half of Americans say they have too much stuff but are interested in finding new ways to donate! At Re.Use.Full, we believe that giving stuff a second chance through donations helps communities and benefits the environment. Our website connects your organization with Kansas City metro area’s in-kind donors. Sign up your organization and get the stuff you need from the donors who care about making a positive impact.

Information posted has been provided by the named organization. Nonprofit Connect neither verifies nor endorses any organization or information posted, and we do not assume liability for services offered or obtained as a result of any posting. Nonprofit Connect reserves the right to remove any posting.

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