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EarlystART (formerly known as United Inner City Services)

EarlystART (formerly known as United Inner City Services)


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About Us

For more than 50 years, United Inner City Services (UICS) has served the Kansas City community by addressing challenges facing families in the urban core. Today, UICS’ primary service is its early education program at St. Mark Child & Family Development Center (UICS-St. Mark Center) and the new Metro Child & Family Development Center (UICS-Metro Center), with a strong focus on achieving strong social and emotional outcomes for low-income children.

In addition to early childhood education for up to 240 students, UICS also provides wrap-around supports for families. Wrap-around supports permeate all services to ensure families and their children have increased access to resources and supports that contribute to students’ overall educational success.

Students at UICS thrive on its arts-focused curriculum and its adherence to Conscious Discipline practices that develop students as a whole person, focusing on social and emotional development.


UICS is the home of Kansas City's youngest students!
An arts-based curriculum, promoting social and emotional development is the focus at UICS.
Student graduation to kindergarten always bring about excitement for UICS students!
Students think ahead toward the future, with their own creativity being displayed.
UICS-St. Mark Center Exterior (12th and Brooklyn, KCMO)
UICS-Metro Center Grand Opening in 2019 (39th and Troost, KCMO)