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First Federal Bank of Kansas City


BankAssociate/Business Member

About Us

Our mission is simple: to help people build a better financial future. As a mutual bank, helping individuals and families save for the future and achieve the dream of homeownership has been in our DNA for over a century.

We don’t have an owner or any stockholders, and our profits are re-invested into lending in the community and building reserves for the future. Over our nine decades in business, we have become one of the largest mutually owned banks in the Midwest, with more than $900 million in assets and over 25,000 customers across Kansas City.

We share our success by giving back to nonprofit organizations and educational institutions such as:
• Community and economic development
• Education and youth activities
• Arts and culture
• Health and human services


Facilitating discussion among our nonprofit partners and how we can better serve them.
Proud partnership with Pawsperity.
Proud partnership with Thelma's Kitchen.