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Friends of Yates, Inc.


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About Us

Friends of Yates, Inc. is a comprehensive community agency that provides a full menu of community care and support including domestic violence programming, prevention services, youth and adult development and emergency food and clothing distribution.

The legacy of Friends of Yates, Inc. is one of community partnership and holistic development. Not just in providing a safe and productive place for victims of domestic violence, but we have become a catalyst by which many in our community have grown and prospered through some of our community efforts. We have planted our roots in the soil of Wyandotte County, from which our branches have embraced the lives of those in need while helping to sustain their creative energy, teach self-sustainability and foster the true sense of safety and productivity.

Friend of Yates, Inc., stand among the Leaders in innovative community development and domestic violence programming in Wyandotte County. We have based our work upon the principle that only when a community is united can real tangible successes come out of it. This is why we maintain excellence in our full continuum of services including domestic violence prevention programming, crisis intervention, life skill development for youth and adults, emergency food and clothing distribution as well as a wealth of community based supportive program initiatives.


African American Survivor Community Advocate
Category: Social Services
Essential Job Responsibilities: All staff of Friends of Yates, Inc. shall be required to administer free and voluntary, competent, confidential, survivor informed, survivor centered, and universally accessible services to all victim survivors with dignity, respect and compassion. Conduct domestic violence and sexual assault community outreach and education with an emphasis on reaching African more
Contact: Arica Roland
Phone:(913) 321-1566
Fax:(913) 321-1569