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Medical Missions Foundation

Medical Missions Foundation


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About Us

Medical Missions Foundation is a nonprofit providing surgical and medical care in underserved communities throughout the world. Since 1996, we've completed 93 missions to 14 countries, directly affecting thousands of children and their families through life-saving surgeries and clinics.

Numerous communities across the globe, and even right here in our hometown of Kansas City, do not have access to essential health care services. Due to lack of education, financial resources, and adequate medical services, these individuals suffer, often needlessly.
Our missions are primarily staffed by local Kansas City volunteer doctors, nurses, and other medical and non-medical specialists. Individual missions trips average 80-100 surgical procedures, along with providing thousands of clinic visits, and training on basic health practices.

In addition to direct medical care, we work with patients through art therapy and teach important healthy practices based on the need of the country, including women’s health, burn prevention, hand washing, clean water, dental hygiene, and more.


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