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Sky Views Real Estate LLC


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Commercial Real Estate Property hoping to lease office spaces to nonprofit organizations in the community.
Sky Views Real Estate is excited to be part of Nonprofit Connect to serve and network with nonprofit organizations in our community. We have a commercial real estate building which has office spaces available for rent. Our property is in the heart of Westport/Midtown, it used to be the Westport City Hall Building and served as a cornerstone of community life for decades. The building exudes a unique charm, seamlessly blending historical significance with modern amenities.

One of the hallmarks of Building it is the abundance of sunlight. Beyond the architectural allure, our office building proudly offers versatile office spaces for rent. These spaces are specifically designed to cater to the needs of nonprofit organizations, providing an ideal environment for collaboration and community impact. We believe in supporting entities that strive to make a positive difference, and our offices are tailored to impower nonprofits in their endeavors.
As we continue to evolve, Sky Views Realty remains a hub of innovation, culture, and community engagement. We invite you to be part of our story by becoming one of our tenants along with other businesses and nonprofit organizations.


  • Office space for rent
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