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5 Tips on Mastering Your Nonprofit Website

5 Tips on Mastering Your Nonprofit Website

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There are over 1.5 million nonprofit organizations registered in the U.S., according to the National Center for Charitable Statistics (NCCS). Meaning, out of those 1.5 million organizations, you have to find strategic ways to make your nonprofit stand out. One strategic method that can help your nonprofit draw in volunteers, donors, and memberships, in the long run, is a well-thought-out website. If you are looking to improve your nonprofit website or are starting from the ground up, here are five factors you may want to consider.

1. Prioritize visuals over text

Let’s all agree on the fact that most people don’t want to read large portions of text on a website. When you consider the layout of your website, keep in mind that images and videos will make a more significant impact on those who may visit your site.

That isn’t to say that text shouldn’t be found anywhere on a nonprofit website. Words found on your site can contribute to your images and video, as well as improve your website visibility on the Internet. What is our tip when it comes to text? Say it quick, say it well.

2. Make navigation simple

Have you ever stumbled across a website, and one page seems to contain everything but the kitchen sink? Endless scrolling, right? It can become a quick way to lose the attention of your potential donors.

With a navigation with a dropdown menu that is organized and simple to use, you can distribute information that will drive more traffic to various aspects of your nonprofit website. Remember always to test run any new navigation or dropdown menus, before publishing it live.

3. Integrate social platforms

With nearly 55 percent of Americans accessing social media to digest their news, it’s no surprise that many nonprofits are becoming more active on social platforms. Your social platforms should mirror content on your website, mainly when that content includes:
● Campaign or Fundraising Events
● Latest News
● Blogs/Articles

Sharing information on a social platform will help drive people to your website and improve your visibility within the platforms of your choosing (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn).

4. Make your message clear

With the average online gift in 2018 being $98.40, any nonprofit wants to ensure that money is going to them. How do you get a slice of the pie?

Simple -- make your message easy to understand. With the 1.5 million different nonprofits out there, it can be challenging to know how to do that. At Frost Media Group, our professional copywriters can help separate you from the pack by delivering messages that are easy to understand for potential donors or volunteers.

5. Don’t be shy about the donate button

Featuring a big, bold, beautiful donate or volunteer button on your nonprofit website that is easily accessible can go a long way for your organization. Nearly 8.5% of overall fundraising in 2018 alone came from online giving, according to the Charitable Giving Report. With a donate or volunteer button on your website, you are providing an opportunity for those who visit your nonprofit site to take action in the best way possible.

As you consider your donation methods, keep in mind that 54% of donors worldwide prefer to give via credit or debit card. 11% via direct mail/post. 10% via bank/wire transfer. 9% via PayPal. 4% via mobile app/wallet. 1% via text message.

Take the next step into nonprofit success

Having a successful nonprofit website can be done quickly by implementing these practices. What’s the best way you can do that? Hiring partners, such as Frost Media Group, to get these practices implemented quickly into your nonprofit website.

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