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How One Nonprofit Changed My World

How One Nonprofit Changed My World

Lindsey Kay Consulting is a Business Member with Nonprofit Connect. They specialize in helping nonprofits gain recognition online through social media content strategies. Learn more about their services here.

For the past couple years, I have been a Social Media Manager for small business owners. In February 2022, I began working with Camp Encourage - a local nonprofit that helps youth with Autism through overnight camps and connection outings.

They had their first overnight camp in March so I joined them to gather content for social media. I haven’t been around many people with Autism before and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I arrived as campers were getting settled into their cabins. I walked in to find several kids talking excitedly and hugging each other. They were clearly previous campers finally being reunited. I smiled. I glanced over to a girl standing in the corner. She was staring at the floor and clutching a duffle bag. I walked over, smiled and introduced myself. We talked for a little while but she never made eye contact with me. Later that afternoon, I spotted the little girl again. This time she was running and laughing with other girls in her group. She saw me, waved and shot me the biggest grin. My heart melted as I waved back.

Camp Encourage has often been described as magical. A place where kids who don’t feel like they fit in anywhere, finally do. I witnessed as shy and nervous kids changed into more relaxed and outgoing campers that couldn’t stop laughing. It was moving and incredible to watch first hand. We all want and deserve to feel like we belong. To feel accepted and welcomed. I overheard kids exchanging phone numbers and inviting new friends to sleep overs. I watched in awe as these children realized they could just unapologetically be themselves, for possibly the first time ever. And I was blown away by the Camp Encourage team. I have NEVER met a group of people with more passion, understanding and love for what they do. From the meticulous planning put into getting ready for camp, to making sure campers are comfortable, to knowing exactly what to do when situations arise.

After a few months of working with Camp Encourage and seeing what they do for their community, I began thinking about my business differently. I decided to transition my company from working with small business owners to work primarily with nonprofit organizations. With everything going on in the world, if I can help spread awareness, light and love, that’s what I want to do. All it took was one nonprofit making a difference in their community to completely change the trajectory of my business.

Need some social media help?

At Lindsey Kay Consulting, I help raise awareness about your mission, one post at a time. My specialty is reaching people with consistent, engaging social media content to spread awareness about your cause. If you’re interested in how I can help your nonprofit, please contact me at, I’d love to help tell your story.

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