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Let's Make Change

Let's Make Change

So much turmoil is occurring in our world. You’ve likely spent your weekend reeling in all of this activity. It’s a lot to process. It seems we’re in a constant struggle between health, wealth and humanity.
The Nonprofit Connect team grieves with our nonprofit community, and stands in support of our colleagues of color against racism and violence.
We acknowledge the challenge and strive to work together to define a better future. There is little about nonprofit work that is routine. Having the energy to tackle new issues and speak out against deep-rooted problems every day takes perseverance and a lot of self-discipline. You are all really strong, hardworking, good people.
Know that one day at a time we will find solutions to each challenge. Our collective effort for equality, justice and truth will make our organizations stronger and community better.
We can do this. We must do this. The time is now. Join us, be the change.
It is not easy and I’d even add it’s often uncomfortable. It is, however, stretching us to be innovators and a constant reminder for grace.
Thank you for your tenacity.
Thank you for your heart.
Now, come on Kansas City, let’s make that change.


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