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Nonprofit Coffee Break: Billy Brimblecom

Nonprofit Coffee Break: Billy Brimblecom

In the Nonprofit Coffee Break video series, Nonprofit Connect CEO Luann Feehan sits down with a different nonprofit leader each month to chat about leadership, learning, and life over a cup of coffee. Tune in to each episode to learn from these leaders' experiences and challenges and help us highlight our sector as an important and vibrant part of our city.

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This month, we sit down with Billy Brimblecom, Executive Director of Steps of Faith Foundation.

In one sentence, please describe who you are what you do.
I'm Billy Brimblecom, Jr. and I'm the Executive Director of a nonprofit organization called Steps Of Faith Foundation..

How did you get started working in the nonprofit sector?
My job kind of fell out of the sky right into my lap when I needed it the most! I'm an amputee and the gentleman who owned the prosthetic clinic where I was a patient had established a 501c3 a few years before we met. He and I were introduced after I spoke to a fellow patient at the clinic who was a new amputee. I told my clinician how much I enjoyed speaking with this new patient and how I wish that could be my job. He then introduced me to Rob Pittman (the man who owned the clinic and had set up a 501c3). Rob and I discussed the idea of working together and he asked if I would like to run the nonprofit and get up up and going. Almost 7 years later, I'm happy to report we're still in business!

On what day did you feel proudest of your work?
I probably felt and feel proudest of our work the last three years at our Thundergong event. Thundergong is our biggest fundraiser of the year, but it also feels like a celebration of what we do. We show a patient success story video every year, and getting to share that with 2000+ of our closest friends always fills me with great joy.

What is the biggest challenge you face in your role?
These days my biggest challenge just feels like not having enough hours in the day. And I'm still learning to delegate more!

What is a trend you see in the nonprofit community that excites you, or worries you, and why?
A trend I see that excited me is that more and more folks seem to be moving away from the old antiquated thinking related to nonprofits. I'm referring to the idea that nonprofit employees shouldn't be paid well, that funders won't fund "operational expenses" and other ridiculous nonsense like that! It seems the tide has turned and trending towards more and more people seeing the non profit sector as legitimate businesses (which of course, we are.)

What is your advice for a new nonprofit professional?
Talk with Nonprofit Connect first thing. And/or reach out to anyone you know that works for a nonprofit. It's important to talk with people that know how this all works and can relate! And I'd also say to prepare to be patient. It can be a slow, hard process building any business. But if you are doing something you are passionate about and can really bring the authentic "you" to the table, it should work!"

What is your go-to drink after a board meeting?
Ha! Well, that used to be a double Tequila on the rocks! But these days I party real hard with a nice La Croix sparkling water!

What is your favorite Nonprofit Connect resource?
I'm all about the community and connections. People connecting with people- that's what I love the most.

What is your call to action?
If you are a viewer working in the nonprofit sector, I'd say just be patient and be YOU. Again, if you care about your org's mission, let that shine through you and use your specific gifts to help grow your org. If you are a potential donor and If it's specially geared toward my org, I'd say if you want to help Steps Of Faith, just donate. Any amount of money. It's a great step one that unlocks something in people's minds and hearts. Give with your money and it then usually makes folks want to do more by giving their time and getting others in their network to donate and believe in what we are doing. Follow us on social and come to our events. And you can see where your money is going with every new step one of our patients take!

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