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Nonprofit Impact Matters: A New Report

Nonprofit Impact Matters: A New Report

Nonprofit Impact Matters Report
Last week, the National Council of Nonprofits released its new impact report and interactive microsite, Nonprofit Impact Matters. This new report highlights the work of America’s 1.3 million charitable nonprofits and examines their impact on the people and communities they serve.
One notable takeaway is the fact that nonprofits collectively employ more than 10% of the private workforce in America, making us the third largest employer in the county (more than manufacturing, construction, transportation or finance). The report also reveals that the entire nonprofit sector earns more than 80% of its revenue via private fees for services, and performing government grants and contracts.
From improving lives to bolstering local, state, and national economies, we know that nonprofits matter. This new report tells the story of the nonprofit community from the nonprofit perspective. It brings together fresh national and state data about nonprofits, places that data into real‑world context, and applies practical analysis, all designed to share insights on the significant impact that America’s charitable nonprofits have in strengthening communities and improving lives.
How Kansas and Missouri Measure Up
The Nonprofit Impact Matters report includes an interactive state-by-state map tool, in which users can find an overview of specific information regarding the nonprofit makeup of each of the 50 states.
Highlights for Missouri:
The nonprofits of Missouri employ 267,121 individuals, and represent 11% of the private employment of the state. Additionally, there are 26,900 nonprofits registered with the IRS, and 7,184 that file a 990 and 990-EZ.
Highlights for Kansas:
The nonprofits of Kansas employ 93,793 individuals, and represent 8% of the private employment of the state. Additionally, there are 12,130 nonprofits registered with the IRS, and 3,735 that file a 990 or 990-EZ.
To read more of the details about the nonprofit sector of both states, view the interactive map.

Why It’s Important

Nonprofits have never been more vital to our communities, yet are often overlooked when important decisions and policies are made. The Nonprofit Impact Matters report shows the ways that individuals, businesses and government all rely on what nonprofits do to advance the common good.
Nonprofit Connect members can use the data to celebrate our influence, and inform stakeholders about the importance of our work. When the broader community respects the nonprofit sector as a change agent, we can make an even bigger impact.
Read the full report, find state-specific data, and explore additional tools and resources at
About National Council of Nonprofits
Nonprofit Connect is a Nonprofit Ally Member of the National Council of Nonprofits. We look to them as the first word in national nonprofit-specific legislative and governmental issues.
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