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Policy Update: Candidate Forum Highlights

Policy Update: Candidate Forum Highlights

Kansas Candidate Forum Highlights
On Thursday, October 18, Nonprofit Connect along with the Kansas Nonprofit Coalition and the Kansas State Alliance of YMCAs hosted a candidate forum focused on nonprofit issues. Over twenty statewide, house and local candidates were in attendance to take questions and discuss their positions on topics pertinent to the nonprofit community. The forum was moderated by Tom Robinett, Vice President of Public Policy & Advocacy with the Overland Park Chamber of Commerce.
Lynn Rogers, candidate for Lieutenant Governor running with Laura Kelly for Governor, said that he feels nonprofits have been hurt by tax policy from previous administrations, and he and Laura Kelly hope to pass legislation that will help Kansas pay down its debt and will leave nonprofits untouched with any new tax policy legislation.
When asked what advice he had for nonprofits that are reluctant to engage in advocacy or public policy conversations, Secretary of State candidate Rob Hodgkinson said that he would remind nonprofits that advocacy is “about developing relationships, and is a marathon, not a sprint,” encouraging nonprofits to be patient with their legislators as they educate them on their mission and impact.
Representative Cindy Holscher said that she believes taxing nonprofits would only hurt the communities they represent, and she would not be in favor of any legislation that would try to end or reduce tax exemption for any nonprofit organization.
Candidate for Kansas House District 26, Deann Mitchell, said that she would be in favor of a bipartisan caucus in the state legislature that would address nonprofit issues, and agreed to be the chair of the caucus.

List of Participating Candidates
Jeff Caldwell, Gubernatorial Candidate
Rick Kloos, Gubernatorial Candidate
John Doll, Candidate for Lt. Governor (representing Governor Candidate Greg Orman)
Lynn Rogers, Candidate for Lt. Governor (representing Governor Candidate Laura Kelly)
Nathaniel McLaughlin, Candidate for Kansas Insurance Commissioner
Rob Hodgkinson, Candidate for Kansas Secretary of State
Brian "BAM" McClendon, Candidate for Secretary of State
Marci Francisco, Candidate for Kansas State Treasurer

House Candidates
Rep. Michael Bolton, KS House District 39
Rep. Stephanie Clayton, KS House District 19
Rep. Linda Gallagher, KS House District 23
Rep. Cindy Holscher, KS House District 16
Rep. Jan Kessinger, KS House District 20
Rep. Cindy Neighbor, KS House District 18
Rep. John Resman, KS House District 121
Rep. Melissa Rooker, KS House District 25

Dave Benson, Candidate for KS House District 48
Nick Gill, Candidate for KS House District 121
Chris Haulmark, Candidate for KS House District 15
Deann Mitchell, Candidate for KS House District 26
Brandon Woodard, Candidate for KS House District 30
Pam Finley, Candidate for KS House District 43
Stuart Sweeney, Candidate for KS House District 38

County Candidates
Janee' Hanzlick, Johnson County Commissioner, District 4

To learn more about Nonprofit Connect's advocacy education efforts, please visit our Advocacy resources page.