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Policy Update: Government Shutdown, Childcare, Overtime, and More

Policy Update: Government Shutdown, Childcare, Overtime, and More

Nonprofit Connect works to keep Members updated on policy changes that affect nonprofits through Policy Updates. These messages provide brief information on what is going on in government and policy that may be of interest to the nonprofit community.

Risk of a Government Shutdown Still High
Congress only has until September 30th to come to an agreement on funding for the government in the next fiscal year, yet the House and Senate appear to be at an impasse. The options are to pass all 12 appropriations bills, pass a continuing resolution as a stopgap measure, or do nothing and allow funding to run out for federal programs and operations. House Republicans are not united in an approach between the hard right and others, and the Senate is moving forward with a continuing resolution that may be rejected on arrival in the other Chamber. The President has begun to advise the executive branch to prepare for a shutdown. Programs like the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children may pause; museums and natural parks may close; and Head Start programs may need to shut their doors. If the government shuts down, nonprofits operating federal contracts may experience delays in payments, and demands for social services offered by nonprofits may increase without any additional revenue.
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Childcare Could Become Even Harder for your Employees and Clients to Find
In 2021 the American Rescue Plan provided $24 billion in childcare stabilization grants, which helped providers pay employees, buy supplies, and stay open. That funding will expire on September 30th. The Century Foundation predicts 3.2 million children are likely to lose childcare at that time, including 10,964 children in Missouri and 45,446 children in Kansas, as some centers are forced to close. The Childcare Stabilization Act was introduced earlier this month, which, if passed, would extend the pandemic relief and offer $16 billion each year for the next five years to continue the stabilization grants. Missouri and Kansas both considered childcare legislation at the state level in 2023; Kansas failed to reduce regulations and change teacher-to-child ratios, and Missouri failed to pass a childcare tax credit (though funding was increased for childcare subsidies in Missouri).
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2030 Census Planning is Already Underway – Nominate an Organization to Join the Advisory Committee
The US Census occurs every ten years, and the results help determine how elected representation and federal funding is distributed across the country. The US Census Bureau is planning for the 2030 Census now and announced the creation of a new Federal Advisory Committee to provide feedback on plans and to help engage diverse voices and perspectives. The government is seeking nominations for about 30 members to focus on the operations, technical, and communications aspects of the next count. Nominate an organization or a coalition of organizations for a three-year term by September 30th.
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DOL’s Proposed Overtime Rule Might Affect You – Make a Comment by November 7
The US Department of Labor publicly proposed new overtime protections for workers, including employees of nonprofits. The potential rule would increase the minimum salary level that white-collar employees must be paid to exempt them from overtime pay from $35,568 to $55,068, raise the minimum salary level that highly compensated employees must be paid to exempt them from overtime from $107,432 to almost $144,000, and establish an automated increase of these salaries moving forward. There is currently a period of public comment and potential revision before the rules would go into effect, if they are adopted at all. Comments can be submitted until November 7.
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Missouri Veto Session
The Missouri General Assembly convened for a veto session on September 13. Governor Parson had vetoed certain line items from the budget, as well as a bill that modified many aspects of public safety. Ultimately, the legislature failed to override any of the vetoes.
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This post was written by Kristen Wood, Nonprofit Connect's Advocacy Contributor.
Kristen is an avid participant in Kansas City’s nonprofit community and a self-proclaimed ‘lifetime learner’. In addition to working for Goodwill of Western Missouri & Eastern Kansas, she enjoys following nonprofit policy issues.

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