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Policy Update: Midterms, Tax Adjustments, and the Census

Policy Update: Midterms, Tax Adjustments, and the Census

Nonprofit Connect works to keep Members updated on policy changes that affect nonprofits through Policy Updates. These messages provide brief information on what is going on in federal government and policy that may be of interest to the nonprofit community.

Midterms are Next Tuesday, November 8th!
Don’t forget to vote next week (or early)! It is also legal to encourage your constituents to vote and to educate stakeholders about issues, as long as your nonprofit is not promoting or exposing specific candidates.
All Representatives in Congress are up for election, as well as one third of the Senate. There are statewide races in Missouri and Kansas, as well as ballot measures on issues such as marijuana legalization in Missouri and legislative override of agency regulations in Kansas. The results of these races will impact who represents you and your organization, and what bills are considered.
Review who and what is on your ballot, or help your constituents look up their ballots, here.
Look up your polling place in Kansas.
Look up your polling place in Missouri.
Register for the National Council of Nonprofits Post-Midterms Webinar
Standard Deduction was Adjusted for Inflation
The Internal Revenue Service announced an adjusted standard deduction due to inflation. Individual tax filers will see a federal standard deduction of $13,850 – a $900 increase from 2022. Joint tax filers will see a federal standard deduction of $27,700 – an $1800 increase. Other tax provisions were changed, as well.
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Public Comments Open on 2030 Census
The US Census Bureau is requesting suggestions related to the design and implementation of the next census. Responding to major concerns about the 2020 census, the Bureau is prioritizing counting historically undercounted populations and leveraging more complete lists of group quarters facilities, like shelters for people who are unhoused. Share your feedback here. The census is critical because it impacts apportionment of seats for the House of Representatives, redistricting, and federal funding allocations.
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Stay tuned for more updates as the fall progresses.

This post was written by Kristen Wood, Nonprofit Connect's Advocacy Contributor.
Kristen is an avid participant in Kansas City’s nonprofit community and a self-proclaimed ‘lifetime learner’. In addition to working for Goodwill of Western Missouri & Eastern Kansas, she enjoys following nonprofit policy issues.

If you have any questions on Policy Updates, please reach out to Nonprofit Connect’s Marketing Manager, Colin Bennett, at

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