Top Five Lessons Learned From a Website Makeover

Top Five Lessons Learned From a Website Makeover

Last fall, Nonprofit Connect launched the Extreme Makeover: Website Edition contest to connect nonprofits in need of new websites with creative agencies willing to help. Nineteen area nonprofits submitted videos showing why they deserved a new website, and Feed Northland Kids was selected. Fervor Marketing Concepts generously offered their services to create fully responsive and mobile friendly websites that would help Feed Northland Kids better tell their story and advance their mission.

Chris Evans, executive director at Feed Northland Kids, compiled her favorite lessons learned from overhauling her organization’s website.

“Recently, our nonprofit received an opportunity to have a total website makeover. Here are some of the insights from that experience.

1. Creation of a template reflecting the most important facets of your organization helps you refocus on your core mission.

2. Structuring the look of the site allows you to expand information about each area to share the most important facts.

3. Working with a firm whose expertise is in web development will allow you to incorporate all the latest technology and feasibility needed.

4. Discussions with board members about the developing website allows for a re-energized feeling to occur within the group. Hopefully it will not be something along the lines of “we have a website?”

5. Paired with a public relations push, there will most likely be an uptick in the number of individuals viewing the site; in turn, this may garner more support for those you are serving.

Feed Northland Kids is routinely made aware of additional opportunities to delve into other areas of food insecurity in the Northland. Creating a more inclusive website for our mission truly helped us understand the role our group plays in the larger hunger issue and how we can be most effective. The expertise from a professional website development team allowed us to be equipped with the latest tools to educate our website visitors and hopefully help them envision their ability to become involved and make a difference in the life of a child.”

Six months after the Extreme Makeover: Website Edition contest, Feed Northland Kids has revealed their new website and will share their experience with Nonprofit Connect members on June 10! Chris, along with Mike Farag from Fervor Marketing Concepts, will discuss the before and after look of the Feed Northland Kids website, and offer tips they learned while overhauling the site and rethinking the marketing strategy.

Extreme Makeover: Website Edition Finale

June 10 at 8:15 a.m.