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Jerry Bridge is coming to Kansas City on June 15! Join Jerry and Nonprofit Connect for a workshop on Going Beyond Time Management. Learn more and register here. I guess it was about three years ago that I began my day with my usual routine of checking my email. For whatever reason, on this particular day, I felt sick and totally overwhelmed by so many unanswered, incomplete communications, sitting in my inbox, demanding my attention. My brain hurt. I was dizzy from days, weeks and months of reacting and

Guest post by Mike Farag, founder at Fervor Marketing Concepts Fervor sponsors Nonprofit Connect's Marketing Matters series. Check out our next program about Modern Media Relations on May 10. Learn more and register here. When I started Fervor more than seven years ago, it was a simpler time. Mostly me and a few trusted creatives. We were good at helping clients, exposing their real strategic needs from a marketing perspective and then executing that strategy. We developed a pretty cool process called a

Those of us that work in nonprofits know a thing or two about small budgets. For most nonprofits, we either have no funds or a very small amount that can be dedicated to paid advertising for our organizations. When KC Pet Project started in 2012, we had a lot to overcome: a negative image about the Kansas City, MO animal shelter that we took over that had a 40 year history of being a high-kill shelter and we were a brand new nonprofit organization in Kansas City. We had to be creative with our strategy to

Earlier this month, we sat down with Bruce Davis, the new President and CEO of ArtsKC. Our city’s regional arts council is at the forefront of Kansas City’s cultural growth, and Bruce understands the hard work ahead of him to continue that progress. But he brings a wealth of experience from his executive position at the arts council of Silicon Valley, and though he isn’t sure of his favorite Kansas City barbeque restaurant just yet, he does have a plan to “build upon the excellence of the existing arts

Guest Post by Debra Mesch Ph.D., director of the Women's Philanthropy Institute and holder of the Eileen Lamb O'Gara Chair in Women's Philanthropy at the Indiana University Lily Family School of Philanthropy Money is the currency of philanthropy yet few of us have open conversations with family or friends about our attitudes towards it. Princeton sociologist Robert Wuthnow wrote that money is the deepest taboo in our society. Few of us may recognize that men and women have different attitudes about

In the last six months, three local organizations have been attacked by a type of malware that encrypts and holds your server data for ransom. Thad O'Brien, Chief Technology Officer at IDEOLITY shares how to protect your organization's data and avoid this scam. Remember the good old days when computer malware was annoying but benign? Sorry, there was no such time. Malware can be annoying, but it's never benign--at the least, it imposes a significant lost-time, lost-productivity toll. At its worst, malware

We’re back at our desks and ready to take on a new year. It’s exciting to think about what big shifts will occur for nonprofits in 2016. It seems our sector is gaining more attention and more credibility. As we continue to accomplish our good work, we are garnering the respect we deserve and gaining recognition for the impact we make in our community.

It’s no secret that fraudulent incidents in the nonprofit sector are on the rise. In fact, according to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners’ (ACFE) 2014 Global Fraud Study, the median loss for nonprofit organizations due to fraud that year was $108,000, up 20 percent from 2010. Even more shocking is that smaller organizations tend to suffer larger losses due to occupational fraud. When boiled down, fraud occurs when three factors align: pressure, opportunity and rationalization. This is known as

The Nonprofit Connect Rising Stars represent our city's emerging philanthropists that are leading volunteerism in new and creative directions. The exemplary leadership of these eight Rising Stars ensure a bright future for our community. Nonprofit Connect will honor the 2015 Rising Stars at the 31st Annual Philanthropy Awards Luncheon. Join us as we celebrate their impact!

When I have spoken about this topic with nonprofits it seems to get their attention more than other topics like lost donations from using a PC form for a mobile donor. The topic of which I speak is one I’ve blogged about here and it’s the Google search rank change that goes into effect on April 21 2015. As a refresher, if your primary web domain does not have a “mobile-friendly” version per Google’s mobile search bot software program your domain will get demoted in search rank.