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Cenmic Management LLC

Cenmic Management LLC


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About Us


We are Lean-Agile Leader that helps Individual to transform their mindset and improve their skill sets through coaching, training, and mentoring. We help Organization to adopt and sustain business agility through product development and service management. At Cenmic Mgmt, we are advocate of Sustainable Development for Environment, Society and Economy, a solution leader in information excellence and accelerated innovation. We build mindsets that integrate business goals with customer value and help Organization & individual to align software activities with technical decisions. We are committed to facilitates Client adoption of Business Agility to build scalable system with digital disciplines where customer is the center of product strategy and service management.


We institutionalized better approach to Human and product development, process improvement, and resources utilization. We embedded Sustainability that allows Business to evolve, innovate and accelerate using Product development and management as a strategic vehicle to deliver value to customer.


Our digital transformation approach and execution plan encompasses Agility Assessment, team building, Onboard Coaches, Uniform curriculum design, fact—based metric for scaling and acceleration, emerging internal change agent and accelerated knowledge transfer. We fuel change management that transform organizations by addressing a variety of change leadership for sustainability..


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Michael Areola