3 Resources for National Volunteer Week 2019

3 Resources for National Volunteer Week 2019

National Volunteer Week is coming up April 7 – 13. Established in 1974, National Volunteer Week is a nation-wide celebration of the power of volunteers and the impact of their service. Many nonprofits use this week to shine a light on their organization’s volunteers and thank them for their work.

Engaging your volunteers doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. For Nonprofit Connect members, we’ve put together a list of on-demand resources to help you kick-start your National Volunteer Week plan.

1. Rethinking Volunteer Recognition: A Virtual Workshop (on-demand webinar)
Most nonprofits recognize volunteers for their contributions in a number of ways, yet research shows that there is a disconnect between what volunteers want and what organizations actually are providing. In this on-demand webinar, presenter Beth Steinhorn shares the framework for planning your recognition efforts around what actually motivates volunteers, and creating a culture of appreciation in your organization.

2. Social Media and Volunteer Engagement (on-demand webinar)
Learn how to strategically use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and blogging to better engage your volunteers and support your retention plan. Presenter Jennifer Bennett shares her tips for successfully drawing attention to your volunteers and volunteer opportunities.

3. Sample Templates for Volunteer Management (online resource library)*
*Click the link above to log in with your member credentials, then select Volunteer Management as the category on the lefthand side.
Find resources covering all aspects of volunteer management in Nonprofit Connect’s online resource library, including templates and samples from other local organizations. Tools include volunteer position descriptions from Wayside Waifs, Guidelines for Court-Ordered Community Service Workers from Harvesters, and more.

Bonus: Marketing Toolkit for National Volunteer Week (official toolkit)
As you’re preparing to celebrate National Volunteer Week, you can easily download and add a few of these pre-made social media graphics and sample posts to your marketing calendar.

In addition to being thankful for volunteers nation-wide, Nonprofit Connect is also appreciative of the volunteer managers that work to make our community a better place. Find additional volunteer engagement resources, including how to post your volunteer opportunities on our website, in our eLearning Center.

Looking ahead, check out Volunteer Management Institute in September 2019. Our signature ceritifcation program provides training in the core concepts of volunteer management. Learn more and register here.

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